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Strategic Marketing Plan Of E Tours 2007

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Strategic Marketing Plan of E-Tours2006IntroductionE-Tours is an Internet based travel company located in Norwich, UK. It has seen its turnover grow from zero in 1997 to £5 million in 2003. Its principal tourist destination was the United States of America but following the events of 11th September 2001 in the USA, business began to slow down dramatically. The company also observed that long-haul destination and package holidays were down, but low-cost travel was booming. In this situation E-Tours needs to identify a range of possible destinations and build up a new strategy to realize business revival of the company.Trends in global tourismIn 2001 international arrivals declined by 0.6%, the first year of negative growth since 1982. Does this mean that the 'good times' are over? Not necessarily. Had it not been for the sizeable increase in tourist arrivals witnessed in 2000, the results for 2001 would have been in line with the annual trend observed over the past decade. Tourism enjoyed exceptional years in 2000 and 2001. In 2000, international tourism grew by 45 million arrivals, registering a growth level rarely seen before. The decline in late 2001 and most of 2002 requires us to reexamine the patterns of demand, the flexibility of tourism supply and the marketing know-how of destinations. Furthermore, we need to reaffirm our commitment to working together to try to alleviate the negative impacts of recent events on tourism, to heal where pain has already been caused, and to ensure that future tourism development is sustainable in economic, social and ecological terms.As of November 2002, preliminary results from different regions show that northern Europe has suffered the biggest decline in tourist arrivals in Europe. The other subregions have been more successful, especially the Mediterranean countries and 'new' destinations such as Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria. 2002 has not been a good year for the Americas, especially the USA, which is currently down around -13%. The situation is somewhat better in the Caribbean and Central America, with the latter expecting a slight increase over 2001's level. China has continued to show strong growth in 2002 (+10%) and good increases have also been registered by Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. However, the impact of the Bali tragedy on the region's tourism remains to be seen. Inbound travel to Africa, with the notable exception of South Africa, has been hit heavily by 11 September since it is so dependent on airline traffic. Some destinations have even suffered double-digit declines, albeit from a low base. Heightened security concerns have negatively affected demand for travel from traditional Western source markets to North Africa and the Middle East. The unfavourable situation does not necessarily imply there will be a prolonged slump in international tourism activity. The demand potential for travel remains strong and some destinations that are perceived as being 'protected' are...

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