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It’s amazing how fast a year can go by…we are exiting the year as a better company, providing better service and value to our clients. Attached is the final version of the Strategic Tracking Chart for 2009. As always, please remember to treat this information confidentially…don’t print it and leave it at any client location, or anywhere the general public can see it.

Technical Resource Coverage

We exit the year with 22 Technical Resources in Ongoing Support, covering 11,539 seats, which translates to 525 Seats per FTE. This was our goal, and we achieved it. Our challenge is to continue on the path to push this coverage higher. We can achieve this by staying focused on our work, and worker smarter in the coming year. We are reaching a point where just focusing on productivity will not get us where we need to be…we must all start looking at our solutions and finding ways to eliminate the tickets that are generated. We can do this through innovative engineering and good root-cause diagnosis to identify problems that are generating multiple tickets. We’ll discuss this concept more in our January Training.

Average Desktop Price

N-Computing and Netbooks were a huge success in 2009. To continue our growth and success, we will need to leverage these technologies and find additional ways to lower hardware costs for our schools.

Infrastructure Cost Improvements

We’ve had tremendous success in 2009 in this area, highlighted in previous notes regarding our Strategic Tracking Chart. We continue to focus on finding new ways to deliver Server functionality at a lower price point. As important going into 2010, we need to focus on stabilizing the VARtek platform in larger, more complex school districts. There will be some new objectives in this area in 2010.

Sales Wins

We had a tremendous level of Sales success early in 2009, closing and delivering $13 Million of new contracts to the business. Nice job!

Analysis Wins

We’ve moved into a new selling season for the company now, and it’s crunch time. We are currently showing $7 Million in Analysis wins thus far in the selling season. We have 3 Wins, which is 30% of our goal. These 3 opportunities represent $8.65 Million of business. Five additional Analysis proposals have been submitted and are still active at this time. This is coded Yellow, and needs to be improved. As highlighted in the November email, our new Sales Team is very focused on key activities to drive this value higher, and position us well for 2010 and beyond. Year over Year appointments through December are up 4X (5 to 20). These appointments need to translate into signed Analysis Projects quickly to achieve our goals in 2010.

Service Level Performance at 60/90%

In December, we achieved 75/90% for 1/3 Day Resolution. We are substantially overachieving our 1-Day SLA. We must manage this carefully, as a sustained level of performance this high will translate into higher costs...

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