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Strategic Operation ManagementTable of Content:3Executive Summary: 4About Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Team: 5Strategy: 6Business Strategy: 6Operation strategy: 7The impact of Business Strategy on the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Operations: 9Process type: 12Managing technology: 14Value Chain & Quality: 17Conclusion: 18References: Executive SummaryLand Rover is a major manufacturer and distributor of automobiles. Being a main player in the automobile industry, the company has acquired several essential business strengths that made it succeed for a number of years. Aside from making products carrying popular brand names, the company also takes pride of its product lines and innovative staff. ...view middle of the document...

The six series of the Land Rover have been produce since 1948, with the Series 1 perhaps the most iconic of all models. But the body style remained consistent, and essentially unchanged for more than two decades, until the Defender model debuted in 1983. The organization employs their own kind of quality model. The power plant during the second series run consisted of a durable 2.3-liter engine and later a 2.6-liter, 6-cylinder version. These were by no means powerful, but more than adequate given the Rover's lightweight construction. The box-steel construction of the early bodies, the exaggerated fenders and lack of creature comforts made the Rover an unlikely family car, yet they were sought as a second car in rural England and Australia.Strategy:Strategy deals with the direction and scope of an organization over a long period of time on how they deliver to their clients. It turns out that the name itself holds information about the broad subject that tends to bind together routine process management, i.e., operations managements with a foresight of things forming up way ahead in the future. Organisations have three choices with respect to corporate-level strategy: growth, stability or renewal. The strategy must be consistent with the organization's culture. Finally the organizational resources must be available to actually implement the strategy that was formulated. Without the proper people, skills, abilities, finances and physical resources, the strategy cannot be implemented (Buhler, 1994).Business StrategyBusiness strategy is the plan of action that prescribes resource allocation and other activities for dealing with the environment and helping the organisation attain its goals (Daft, 2000: 240). The aim of strategy is to identify ways in which an organisation can outperform others. Strategy therefore involves the creation, implementation and evaluation of purpose, goals, work activities and performance measures (Coulter, 1998: 361). Strategy is important as it gives organisations a sense of purpose and direction, helps coordinate the activities of people and functions and serves as a control device. Strategy is normally split into three levels- corporate, business and functional. Corporate-level strategy is concerned with the broad and more long-term questions of 'what business(es) are we in or do we want to be in and what do we want to do with these business(es)' (Coulter, 1998: 9). Whether to acquire new businesses, to add or divest business units, plants or product lines or to participate in joint ventures with other corporations (Daft, 200: 242).Operations strategyAn operation strategy must be devised after the development of the business strategy. This is done to provide a plan for the design and management of the operations function, in ways that support the business strategy. The operation strategy is the one that associates the business strategy to the operations function. The focus lies on the operation's particular capabilities...

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