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Quality and Strategic DevelopmentAll businesses today must not only strive for success, but ensure strategic plans are in place to reach and sustain their vision of success. Furthermore, strategic planning must be more than just a theoretical concept; it must involve the integration of all departments and functions within an organization to make the plan a reality. One of the most important focuses in a strategic business plan should be the quality of products and services. In the words of John Young, the CEO of Hewlett Packard: "In today's competitive environment, ignoring quality issues is tantamount to corporate suicide" (Burrill & Ledolter, 1999).A perfect example of a business which has enjoyed tremendous growth and success due to their commitment to quality is Frozen Paradise, LLC. Frozen Paradise started out small by first manufacturing and distributing smoothie products in the Las Vegas area. Within their first five years of operation, the company expanded their product line to include organic and vitamin-fortified drinks and meal supplements. Through its constant dedication to quality, Frozen Paradise was able to expand their operations throughout the western United States, Hawaii, and points in Europe. Certainly, their success would not have been possible without a well-engineered strategic plan to ensure production of the highest quality products.SWOTTSince the inception of the company in 1999, Frozen Paradise has developed strategic business plans based on the status of the company and industry, as well as their goals for the future. Some of the company's initial challenges were their newness to the smoothie industry and their capital limitations. Overtime, and through continual planning, the business grew and even overshadowed much of the competition. Management attributes a great deal of their current and early success to the quality of their products and their attention to consumer trends. For example, management realized a tremendous opportunity in the baby-boomer generation and their desire for youth and health. The company was proactive in their strategic planning and did not ignore the threat of loosing customers that were - in growing numbers - demanding healthful, as well as refreshing beverages. Without a doubt, Frozen Paradise' current strengths can be largely credited to their integrity, product quality, financial strength, and their continual focus on the future.Frozen Paradise Vision and MissionVision Statement"The timeline of a business vision statement does not begin with today, but at some point in the future" (Birnbaum, 2005). Frozen Paradise has always set their sites on the future and has created a solid vision statement, which inspires and challenges their entire organization to grow:We at Frozen Paradise, take pride in today, as well as continually look toward the promise of tomorrow. As a result of our integrity and commitment to quality, we see our products eventually offered in every country in the world....

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