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Strategic PlanUniversity of PhoenixExecutive SummaryUnited Airlines is a major airline carrier in the United States. United Airlines was originally founded in 1926 as Boeing Air Transport. United Airlines has gone through much reorganization with the most recent being in 2006 with the emergence of the publicly traded company of UAUA on the NASDAQ.United Airlines is able to make changes and modifications to remain in a difficult market where other airlines have folded. The airline traveler is the foundation of the company's business. United Airlines needs to deal with the concerns of the customers such as service, privacy and cost. Customer privacy has been protected by United Airlines to ensure the confidence of the air travelers to protect credit card information secured by United Airlines. United Airlines has implemented extra measures to prevent the unlawful use of credit cards for air travel. United Airlines requires a picture identification and confirmation of the credit card prior to travel. This extra step taken by United Airlines helps United Airlines continue to save money by keeping information on file and saving time for the customers and the reservation agents.Safety is a concern of air travelers. United Airlines meets the challenge by being one of the top safe airlines throughout the United States. United Airlines employs experienced and qualified employees in positions of top management of the safety operation areas. The top management of the safety operations area has flying experience, has experience with other airlines, and has a strong relationship with a major manufacturer of airplane parts. When issues arise with concern for safety, United Airlines takes necessary steps to rectify the situation immediately without concern for loss of revenue.United Airlines has a concern for the environment and posts its commitment on the company website. United Airlines polices itself to make sure the company is following Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and will report any violations or potential violations of United Airlines to the agency. United Airlines has invested in partnerships for alternative energy. United Airlines has improved the fuel consumption of the airline. Onboard, United Airlines separates the trash for recycling. United Airlines needs to continue to look at ways of improving the pollution the company emits.Company BackgroundUnited Airlines is a publicly traded company as of February 6, 2006 with 52,000 employees. United Airlines is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a suburb close to O'Hare Airport. United Airlines has hubs in most major cities in the United States such as Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and New York. United Airlines holds air rights in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. United Airlines flies over 3,000 flights domestically and internationally daily (United, 2009). United Airlines founded Star Alliance which is a division of United Airlines.Vision, Mission,...

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