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Strategic Plan To Reduce The Number Of Fires In Lancashire

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Initiation stageFires in LancashireLancashire Fire and Rescue Service designed a good Strategic Plan; the aim of the plan was to reduce the number of fires which take place in Lancashire. Among the performance indicators which was utilized to help in reducing the amount of deaths caused by accidental fire of the people of Lancashire. The management prepared a report based on the death due to fire in Lancashire in from the year February 2008 -June 2009. The report analyzed those deaths cause by fire by considering a few possible factors such as:•Cause of fire•Age of victim•Source of ignition•Property type•Smoke alarm ownership•Time of day•Local Authority area.The report gave a well organized over view of the position of deaths caused by fire. This may help the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to plan a good Community Fire Safety initiatives which will ensure safety of the community members of Lancashire,.It has to be looked into as interim data of 2008- 2009 show that there has been an increase in accidental fire deaths in the past year, nevertheless, in order to present none additional perspectives, injuries and death caused by fire as well as accidental dwelling fires :2008 2009Fire injuries 238 281AccidentalDwelling 1759 1629firesReporting Of Community Safety Activity and PerformanceConsidering the entire strategic planning procedure, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is needed in order to evaluate its performance by means of a number of national indicators, regarding the most vital aim of reducing fires and fire associated deaths and injuries.In order to ensure better community safety a number of other services will have to be involved and especially services regarding Crime and Disorder Reduction, as fir can be caused by criminals (Huges&Ferrett 2008).Partnerships based on the given below performance indicators are set according to the Service on conditions based for Local Authority areas:•Accidental dwelling fires•Deliberate property fires•Deliberate vehicle fires•Deliberate small fires•Malicious false alarms•Mechanical false alarmsIt is thus planned that, in upcoming community fire authority meetings, reports will be provided to give a complete summary of the condition of Lancashire, along with information collected of all fourteen Local Authority areas and, along with the above given performance indicators, will comprise of information regarding community fire safety plans in addition to fires and incidents of exceptional interest concerning a specific region. Members will be required to the introduce the new formatted reports in their own neighbourhoods apart from this Fire and Rescue Service have decided to hand out monthly information to every members so that they can provide non members with the important and updated information .Finance to be used on the planFire preparedness£611,143,000 £622,618,000£626,528,000 £781,466,000Emergency fire...

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