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IntroductionStarting with an overview of an institution-specific strategic planning model, this project details both the process and effects of subsequent planning stages during the first year of implementation and the appropriate participation process. Review and revision of the planning document is discussed, as are specific examples of the plan's effects on library operations. Last, suggestions are made for enhancing the effectiveness of the strategic planning effort from its inception through full-fledged implementation.Reading about the theory and mechanics of strategic planning and reviewing other libraries' strategic plans, however, are only the first steps toward achieving a workable plan for one's own library and garnering sufficient support to make the plan a reality (Riggs, 1997, 41-52). Accordingly, the focus of this project is on creating an appropriate participation process, the implementation, the first-year review process, and the plan's effects on library operations--crucial issues on which the literature is sparse (Riggs, 1997, 41-52). First, however, an overview of the strategic planning process is needed to provide the context for the discussion about implementation, revision, and applications.TASK 1Strategic Planning ModelThe Grays Library Unit (GLU) is composed of the following three divisions: University Libraries, the Center for Archival Collections and the Instructional Media Services. The last division is located physically outside the main library building. While the missions of the three divisions differ considerably, most notably in the Instructional Media Services' emphasis on production and delivery of audiovisual materials, they have in common the role of acquiring and handling information. Realizing that the extant planning process was not effectively serving the entire organization, the dean of GLU charged the acting assistant dean to develop a three- to five-year plan for the whole organization with specific objectives for the coming fiscal year. A five-member task force, representing not only all four divisions of GLU but also a cross section of staffing levels (faculty, administrative, and classified), was appointed by the dean. Since the dean was not a member of the task force, the acting assistant dean, who served as chair of the task force, acted as a liaison between the dean and the task force members.Having reviewed several planning models, the task force chair decided that a strategic planning process offered the best approach. With only six months to complete their work, task force members quickly acquainted themselves with the theory and practice of strategic planning by examining selected readings and other academic units' strategic plans (Cope, 2001, 74-96). The development of a revised mission statement, harmonizing the three divisions' outwardly disparate roles, was a good starting point. Recognition of common service ideals (and to a certain extent, common practices) confirmed the rational...

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