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Greg Hilsenrath 12-6-2017
Trends, approaches and best practices for organizational assessments
Greg Hilsenrath
OMC 904
Phillips Graduate University
December 6, 2017
Robert Clark, Psy. D
The purpose of this paper is to communicate past and present approaches, new trends, and best practices for organizational assessments. Assessments are proposed to help organizations identify the structure and approach that best fits the organization’s specific need, change, or transformation, and to provide executives and managers with the business intelligence to successfully lead that transformation. (O'Reilly, C. A., Chatman, J. 1991).
Organizational assessments will follow a systematic scientific approach. Assessments are meant to examine a proposed change, determine the impact of the change on the organization, assess the readiness of the organization to adopt the change, and assess resources and the associated risk with the change (Watson, T. J., May 2016). Attention to the behavioral intricacies on the people within the organization will prove to be a critical piece toward the success of the assessment (Nag, R., Corley, K. G., & Gioia, D. A. 2007).
Many models help analyze and understand data during an organizational assessment. One highly recommended model is the Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Performance and Change (Burke, W. and G. Litwin, 1992). In this model, there are several connected variables, internal and external, that exist simultaneously and affect the efficiency of an organization. These variables range from budget pressures to culture and leadership that include behaviors and skills from the leaders to the lowest-level employee. The Burke-Litwin model provides a framework to analyze effectively, interpret, develop, recommend, communicate, and manage change within an organization (Burke, W. and G. Litwin, 1992). The model describes the connections between the key factors that affect performance and describe how change occurs within the organization. Using this model, consultants can collect data on which factors to change and why. Looking at figure 1 below, the blue boxes (higher level factors), have greater impact affecting organizational change, noting any variable change will ultimately affect every other variable.
Figure 1, Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Performance and Change
Burke-Litwin model provides a framework to assess key organizational and environmental dimensions to a successful change and demonstrates how these dimensions need to link to accomplishing efficiency. The model shows how each different dimension connects to the other and demonstrates how the external environment affects the different dimensions of an organization. The model also uses as a guide for both organizational diagnosis and planned managed organizational change, which makes the model a great practice for organizational assessments (Burke, W. W., 2017). 
There will always be many tools and very different criteria for organizational assessments....

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