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1. Would you consider the restructured Frayser High School to be a public or private organization? According to the text, “Herbert Simon (1946) implicitly framed much of his work as being applicable to all organizational settings, both public and private. Beginning as a political scientist, he coauthored one of the leading texts in public administration (Simon, Smithburg, and Thompson, 1950). It contains a sophisticated discussion of the political context of public organizations. It also argues, however, that there are more similarities than differences between public and private organizations.” (Rainey, 2014) After careful review of the article and text, I have determined that Frayser High School is a public organization. According to the article, Achievement School District plays a major role with the success rate of Frayser High School. Finally, Chapter Two defined public organizations as those the government owns and funds and therefore has authority to direct and control. (Chapter 3)
2. What is the organizational environment of Frayser High School? (Chapter 4)
According to the text and as described in Chapter 4 ANALYZING THE ENVIRONMENT OF PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS exhibit 4.2 illustrates the organizational environment of Frayser High School, I believe are Munificence and Dynamism. “As stated in the text Munificence is defined as, the availability of needed resource. In addition, Dynamism, is defined as the stability and turbulence of the environment.” (Rainey, 2014). The text also states that “Turbulence and interconnectedness characterize the environments of most public organizations.” (Rainey, 2014) Which further supports my answer for question number one that Frayser High School is a public organization.
3. What are the sources of authority and influence that impact educational policy at Frayser High School? (Chapter 5)
“General public opinion influences the management of public organizations.” (Rainey, 2014) as stated in the text, this is what influence the impact of educational policy at Frayser High School. Also described in the article “Tennessee’s Achievement School District is at the heart of just about every conversation on improving education in Memphis. That is because, the ASD has a statuary right to take over schools whose test scores place them in the bottom 5 percent of performers statewide. It exercised that right in Memphis, where the state now runs or oversees 22 schools. Twelve of Frayser’s 14 public schools, including Frayser High School.” (Buntin, 2014).
4. How would you define the goals of Frayser High School? (Chapter 6)
“Organizations are goal-directed, purposive entities, and their effective- ness in pursuing those goals influences the quality of our lives and even our ability to survive. Virtually all of management and organization theory is concerned with performance and effectiveness, at least implicitly.” (Rainey, 2014) As described in the article I believe the goals for Frayser High School, “is to develop a theory...

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