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Strategic Program Management Essay

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Task A: Problem/Opportunity StatementInstructions for Task A: In the Response row, write out the problem/opportunity statements for the scenario for each of the team members.Response to Task A:To identify the strategies for Foundation School and Abbott.Generic Benchmarking-The purpose of generic benchmarking is to identify potential solutions to the problem statements defined in Task A. You will do this by looking at how companies in other industries have dealt with similar issues.Topic A: Leadership in Program ManagementInstructions for Topic A: In the Response row, each team member must identify at least one company that has faced and addressed similar situations (successfully and unsuccessfully).•In the Response row, identify whether the company has been successful or unsuccessful.•In the Response row, summarize your key findings for the company as they relate to the scenario.•In the Response row, identify at least one alternative solution for Foundation Schools from each company researched.Response to Topic A: Abbott is a healthcare company that focuses on new medicine and technology. Some of the products include nutritional products, laboratory diagnostics through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. (Abbott, 2008). Similar to Foundation Schools, Abbott also cares for the people with special needs. Assistance Programs were developed to help these patients in financial need.•Abbott has been very successful with the Patient Assistance Programs. Medications were provided to patients at no cost. "In 2007, more than 113,000 patients were assisted with free Abbott medicines, valued at over $179 million" (Abbott, 2008).•1. Foundation Schools is a world leader even though physically all the schoolsare located in California. Abbott is globally based and is also a leader in thefield.2.Both Foundation Schools and Abbott focus on serving the community. Jane Kirkpatrick is focused on keeping the costs down and continues to serve the community. (University of Phoenix, 2006,p. 1). Abbott created Patient Assistance Programs to help keep the cost of prescription drugs, nutritional supplements and other medical devices low or free. Abbott is not only helping local communities but is reaching out globally.3.Both Foundation Schools and Abbott have strategic program plans. Foundation School is working on organizing and developing a process flow for their strategic plan. Abbott already has organized and developed their process flow for their strategic program plans.•An alternative solution to Foundation Schools problem would be to focus on helping students for free or at low cost first. Although, the Schools have brought in executives with business backgrounds instead of education backgrounds, the first focus should be the students. Parents who are able to donate will appreciate the low tuition cost of a fine school and will continue to support the schools financially.Topic B: Effective use of data and metrics in achieving...

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