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Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction

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Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food shop located in San Diego, CA who specializes in the sale of fine food, wine, and supplies for gourmet cooking. The organization currently has three open stores, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas and they are progressively working toward the fourth. Kudler's simple yet strong strategic objective is to increase the loyalty and profitability of consumers. The tactics the organization is taking to achieve the objectives are expanding services such as holding presentation events to teach customers how to prepare gourmet foods and launching a frequent shopper program to gauge shopper spending habits and offer reward points to frequent shoppers. Kudler is aware ...view middle of the document...

Upon the conclusion of a process analysis, Kudler realized the need to increase their level of customer service. The process improvement plan that Kudler has launched within their gourmet shops to improve the customer service process is an expansion of services. The expanded services include parties in the store to show customers how to prepare specialty foods and the option of having Kudler cooking classes at their home. The purpose of the expanding services is to drive customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing. One could argue that the process improvement plan Kudler has in place will definitely aid the organization in achieving their goals and objectives for various reasons. First, the expanded services are a differentiation from other businesses in the gourmet food industry and secondly, the draw for the consumers is training by world-renowned chefs, local celebrities and even the founder and CEO of the organization, Kathy Kudler. Lastly, the process improvement plan is in direct correlation and a key enabler to achieving the organizations strategic plan and objective to increase customer loyalty and profitability.Many organizations employ quality assurance professionals to manage and take ultimate responsibility for quality assurance. With only three operating locations, Kudler currently does not have the operating income to employ a quality assurance professional however each team member, manager or officer within the organization has an obligation to ensure quality standards are achieved. Although it is the responsibility of the Store Manager and Assistant Manager to ensure Kudler customers receives quality products and services at the unit level, as the Director of Operations, Yvonne Reynolds is ultimately responsible for quality assurance and developing systems, tools, and processes to measure performance. At Kudler, the service guarantee that the consumer will enjoy the product or it's free is one technique Kudler utilizes to measure performance. Keeping track of the number of returns and refunds provides the...

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