Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction Paper Choose A Company That A Team Member Is Familiar With. Conduct A Swot Analysis For The Company

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction PaperMicrosoft being a large corporation is built on customer satisfaction and quality. Making sure that quality management and customer satisfaction ranks high on their list, Microsoft maintains annual goals and performance evaluations "Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is a core component of business at Microsoft. Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) is a company-wide strategy to increase customer satisfaction and improve experiences with our products, programs, and services." ( Microsoft also has a program called the customer service improvement program and this program provides Microsoft with real-time feedback about any customer experience. Their priority is the experience you receive from them.SWOT AnalysisStrength- One of the strengths that Microsoft has is their customer base, which is over thirty million people. One of the major successes of Microsoft is the Windows line. Microsoft made very important adjustments to their cost structure and then streamlined internal business processes. Along with these they created a streamline of products such the new release of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.Weakness- One of the weaknesses that curses Microsoft is the lack of customer service support online. Many problem customers have need to be solved as quickly as possible. If the customer service is not able to do this with efficiency and integrity that will leave them being perceived as incompetent. This is one of the reason is why many customers are not retained.Opportunities- Microsoft creates opportunities in developing countries that have a lack legal legislation that helps from the possibility of government putting a limit on business growth. The impact on China during this recession is very minimal so that the buying power is still strong. There's increasing popularity for Internet access. More important, people use computer at much younger age, which broadens Microsoft's potential market. Personal handheld devices are in the trend. This opens up new market segments for Microsoft to develop, which provides opportunities to attract different customers and overpower their competitors.Threats- One of many threats Microsoft is faced with are the different lawsuits made by independent companies and software developers. These lawsuits drain Microsoft's financial resources and spread a negative image about the company. Unfavorable changes in economic conditions may result in lower information technology spending and adversely affecting Microsoft's revenue. The impact on Microsoft's partners, such as bankruptcy of a major distributor, can result in sales channel disruption. To restrain from ruining reputation, Microsoft will follow strict policies with international environmental regulations. However, compliance costs are high, reducing operating income. Microsoft's corporate headquarters and critical business operations are located...

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

1038 words - 4 pages Pinero to plan, coordinate, and direct the quality control program, and ensure continuous production of products consistent with established company standards and Pinero reports directly to the Vice President of Operations Mark Meitzel (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004).Riordan's process improvement plans works as a means to accomplish Riordan's strategic plan. Riordan strives to provide solutions for customers, by maintaining an innovative team oriented

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

1503 words - 6 pages Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction PaperThe intention of this paper, which is crafted in response to an assignment set forth in MGT449 Quality Management and Productivity, is to; describe how quality management is linked to the strategic plan and objectives of the fictitious company, Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler); provide an analysis of the process improvement plan the company currently uses; and give examples of the tools and

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

1661 words - 7 pages experience at Wal-Mart. In this survey, customers can request products that they would like to see offered. They can also suggest ways the company may improve its service (Worsham, R. 2010).SWOT AnalysisThe SWOT analysis for Wal-Mart is:1. Strengths are being a wide spread network and stores. Wal-Mart is listed number one in revenues and profits.2. Weakness is communication with the internal and external audience. Also customer does believe Wal-Mart has

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

1940 words - 8 pages Introduction -There are many components to strategic management. The success of each component brings the company greater changes of success for customer satisfaction. These components include linking quality to its strategic plan and objectives and continual analysis of its process improvement plan and on how process improvement relates to its strategic plan. Riordan Manufacturing is a global company that has just launched its Total Quality

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1331 words - 5 pages The fallowing discussion will review the strategic quality management system, as well as the impact the system has on customer driven satisfaction within the Riordan organization. This paper will also compare and contrast Riordan to Arizona Department of Transportation in regards to the quality of customer driven satisfaction and through the comparison analysis look for ways to implement new ideals into the Riordan organization.At Riordan the

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1942 words - 8 pages uses. Once that is covered, A few examples of the tools and techniques that Riordan uses to measure quality and customer satisfaction will be looked over. Also, a brief look at who has the ultimate responsibility for quality assurance with Riordan will be discussed. Lastly, this paper will take an in-depth look into the extent to which the organizations process improvement plan is related to the organization's strategic plan.How Quality Relates to

Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction

988 words - 4 pages increase customer loyalty and profitability.Many organizations employ quality assurance professionals to manage and take ultimate responsibility for quality assurance. With only three operating locations, Kudler currently does not have the operating income to employ a quality assurance professional however each team member, manager or officer within the organization has an obligation to ensure quality standards are achieved. Although it is the

Is Customer Relationship Management Vital for the Growth of a Company ?

2107 words - 8 pages customers are being conditioned to believe that they are in charge of the customer supplier relationship, through for example advertising, media , online reviews and management reports. Indeed, when searching for example a Hotel or a restaurant, people are going to choose their location according to others experiences and satisfactions, and this will make them feel like they are actually a really important part of the company. With this case study

SWOT Analysis This is an essay explaining the business plan "SWOT"...strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a company might face

1087 words - 4 pages analysis. Taking a chance will be inevitable if a company fails to self-evaluate and strategically plan for the future. Starbucks Coffee Company is a paradigm of effective strategic planning through SWOT analysis. Astute analysis coupled with the ability to act swiftly has catapulted them to the position as the number one gourmet coffee retailer. They continue to document increased revenue annually and maintain a majority share of the gourmet coffee

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction: Baderman Island Resorts

1233 words - 5 pages reputable rating organizations.While Strategic planning is a set of process that are for the benefit of the organization, quality focuses on the customer satisfaction. Baderman Island would most likely use a Service-Quality (SERVQUAL) type of evaluation process that would bridge the strategic planning with a high quality outcome. Baderman Island management (BIM) needs to consider several issues:Travelers have expectations based on the word of mouth

Choose an Industry with which You Are Familiar. Carry out a Strategic Assessment of it

3874 words - 15 pages themselves and the environments by some well-developed frameworks then make strategic decisions!B. Question 2B-1 Abstract"The competitive position of a company is determined by the industry structure in which it competes" this is the core argument of the positioning school approach to strategy. This thought argues that enterprises which attempt to obtain and maintain its competitive advantages need to strategically choose an inviting industry to be

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Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction Paper

1248 words - 5 pages now interpreted in a number of varying ways. Furthermore, Six Sigma is still evolving. Six Sigma can really be effective for Huffman in trying to improve their process plan. They can map out where there is wastage along the line and brainstorm ways of reducing or eliminating the wastage.Huffman needs to set up a well outlined strategic quality plan. The process starts with the principles that quality and customer satisfaction are the center of

Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction Paper

1367 words - 5 pages linked to Riordan Manufacturing's strategic plan and objectives, analysis its current improvement plan and give examples of the tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction. Finally, it talks about the ultimate responsibility for quality assurance and how the improvement plan is related to its strategic plan.Quality linked to strategic plan and objectivesRiordan is building a strategic plan, which is focus on quality

Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction Paper 2001 Words

2001 words - 8 pages management and customer satisfaction are important to the success of an organization. Riordan Manufacturing has done a good job of managing quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. The company has quality linked to their strategic plan and objectives by having creative environments that are innovative with an effective implementation process. Due to the company acquiring several other companies, opportunities developed to devise a system that

Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction Paper 1900 Words

1900 words - 8 pages customer satisfaction. The question then becomes, how does one plan for quality management and customer satisfaction?This paper will look at quality and its relationship to strategic plans and strategic objectives, process improvement plans, and the tools and techniques used to measure customer satisfaction and quality as a whole. The paper will also discuss the person or persons within an organization whom are ultimately responsible for quality