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Strategic Quality Management and Customer ServiceUniversity of PhoenixStrategic Quality Management and Customer ServiceQuality is considered one of the most critical and key components in business today. The difference between an adequate or just satisfactory quality and a product that has an outstanding and superior quality can be the factor that pushes the business ahead of the competition or leaves it standing in the dust of its competition. This paper will demonstrate how quality links to Kudler Fine Foods' strategic plans and objectives. The paper will also provide an analysis of a process improvement plan, examples of tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction and identify who is ultimately responsible for quality assurance. The extent of Kudler Fine Foods involvement in the continuous process improvement plan in relation to the business's strategic plan is also reviewed.Quality and Kudler's Strategic PlansQuality is a key factor in linking Kudler's strategic plans and strategic objectives. Without quality being a main force driving the strategic objectives, the strategic plans will not have the superb results that Kudler hopes to have. Most customers want excellent service and top-notch quality in the products and services that they buy. Pricing, also, does play a major role in the strategic plans and objectives and normally, the ultimate goal of consumers is to find high-quality products and services while paying a reasonable price for them. Kudler customers focus more on quality and the ability to find specialized items than prices.Kudler Fine Foods has developed a strategic plan and objectives that focus on profitability and also giving high-quality customer service that result in consumer loyalty. Kudler's "objective of the sales organization is to successfully implement programs designed to increase revenue and decrease costs. The sales group will support the rollout of new customer focused programs, leverage customer information to support sales growth of existing customers, initiate targeted activities to recruit high-profit new customers, and support operational cost-cutting efforts taking place company-wide" (Sales Plan, 2007, p. 1). Kudler has implemented many programs to help obtain this loyalty and increase the profits and revenue. Programs such as the frequent shopper program, focusing on diverse areas in the gourmet foods market such as organically-grown foods, and expanding services within its stores will help achieve the strategic objectives through the bottom line of giving only high quality to its consumers. This institutes a high standard of quality in its employees, management, products, and services. Kudler also intends on increasing its efficiency in its processes and productions that will help cut costs and still give the consumers the high-quality products and services they have grown accustomed.Process Improvement...

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

1503 words - 6 pages Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction PaperThe intention of this paper, which is crafted in response to an assignment set forth in MGT449 Quality Management and Productivity, is to; describe how quality management is linked to the strategic plan and objectives of the fictitious company, Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler); provide an analysis of the process improvement plan the company currently uses; and give examples of the tools and

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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1673 words - 7 pages survey. A satisfaction survey is an important tool for business to collect customers' opinions and points of view, and it also gives the insight of what most customers want and expect. Therefore, the questions in the survey need to focus on the various aspects of quality and customer service. Once the survey results are collected, it is necessary to analyse and identify each one of them and finally applies to the newsagent where it is necessary

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1359 words - 5 pages Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction PaperMicrosoft being a large corporation is built on customer satisfaction and quality. Making sure that quality management and customer satisfaction ranks high on their list, Microsoft maintains annual goals and performance evaluations "Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is a core component of business at Microsoft. Customer and Partner Experience (CPE

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1079 words - 4 pages Due to the fragile economy and the similarities of product offerings, providing quality customer service is more important than ever for maintaining and growing a company. Providing quality customer service has a much more defined meaning and is different from providing "exceptional" customer service. Exceptional customer service is usually fulfilling a customer's needs based on one particular instance that may or may not be repeated. Providing

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1661 words - 7 pages Strategic Quality Management PAGE 1 Strategic Quality Management PAGE 7 Strategic Quality Management and Customer SatisfactionMonique Cone, Margaret Farley, Shirley Howard, Shadreka Howard,Shawn SnyderMGT449January 24, 2011Ian FinleyStrategic Quality Management and Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction directly impacts any business in a number of ways. Wal-Mart has a variety of tools to get and keep happy customers. There are a variety