Strategic Technology: Mobile Apps And Applications

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The proliferation of technological advances since the emergence of mobile apps is changing how public managers manages. Managers enjoy the flexibility of modern technology, which allows mangers to be mobile instead of confined to an office thanks to mobile apps. Mobile apps are a smaller and more targeted computer program designed to operate on a smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device with user-friendly interfaces instead of traditional applications that are large and comprehensive. Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company argues, “apps will continue to grow while applications will begin to shrink” increasing the flow of knowledge management ...view middle of the document...

What managers acquire in terms of productivity from using mobile apps they lose in security. In utilizing mobile apps malware, a program designed to steal or disable a computer system increases mobile devices vulnerability and the potential of compromised pertinent information such as location, contact, financial, and emails. In addition, malware can obtain login and password information which is disconcerting for public managers. Google’s android, "open source" operating system as well as Apple’s iOS has led to malicious attacks on users device resulting in increases efforts of data protection. In a study of 2,107 applications published by 601 companies on the Forbes Global 2000, HP found that 97 percent of the apps in some way accessed private information on the user's device (Kerner, 2013). To combat security vulnerabilities such services as remote wipe capability, encrypted backup files, and secured corporate information technology policy.
Mobile apps have limited functionality. The functional user interfaces of mobile devices do not have the same processing power and screen size as desktop computers, which is ideal for multitasking. Mobile apps may not display properly, comprehensive apps may drain mobile devices, and mobile devices rely heavily on a mobile network...

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