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With the overload of information and data today, the many choices and options for customers in their product selection has resulted in a marked dependency upon simplicity and organizational effectiveness. The demand for quality and customer service is high in today's society. In order to achieve a competitive advantage, a company must implement certain initiatives in their training and development process. After a company sets their goal, they formulate a strategy in which to accomplish it. Strategic training and development initiatives are the learning-oriented actions that make this goal achievable for companies. The initiatives vary depending on the marketplace for the companies industry which makes some initiatives more important to certain businesses. All companies should embrace the economies demand for a higher customer service. The company's faculty is the direct link to customer interaction and the initiative is to achieve improved customer satisfaction. To implicate this, the training must ensure the employees have the basic skills for customer interaction, the product and service knowledge required, and an understanding of the types of decisions they are allowed to make for the customer. Another initiative for all businesses is to provide opportunities for their employee's to attract and retain talented workers and give them incentive for continuous learning with the opportunities for advance from within. Next, the initiative to align the training to the company's strategic direction giving the assurance in the training process and that the employee's are well equipped for customer interaction and meet the need for company's need for high-quality service. This also allows the company to asses if the training models used were moving the company toward the achievement of their goals. And the last initiative that all companies should incorporate is ensuring the environment for their employee's to ensure that the training lessons are used and applied on the job site. Because the initiatives vary by the industry, the chosen implications were based on the economical demand for all businesses.Corporate University Model Versus the Faculty Model.The similarities of the faculty model are few in comparing it to that of the corporate faculty model. The models are both built under similar pretenses, where there is a training head who directs a staff of experts. These experts teach the trainee's in their particular field of expertise. Both models have trainers that are experts in their department who can determine better than the training head what needs are absent from that department. And the last comparison is in the advantage of identifying what skill...

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