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Strategies Employed By Organisations In The Contemporary Business Environment And Their Strategic Fit.

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1. Problem statement

Businesses in the contemporary business environment employ different strategies in their efforts to achieve strategic fit. This is true for businesses all over the world, including in Southern Africa. Do businesses in South Africa, particularly in the very competitive apparel retail and heavy construction industries, gather and utilize their different resources, whether human capital, technology, information or money, to address their obstacles strategically and ultimately achieve strategic fit?

2. Research objectives

This study has the following objectives

1. To investigate what strategic attitudes apparel retail and heavy construction organisations in South Africa favour to direct their long-term business objectives.

2. To determine whether the business strategies that South African apparel retail and heavy construction organisations employ are effective in their efforts to achieve strategic fit.

3. To determine which strategies are more successful for the different apparel retail and heavy construction organisations in South Africa in their distinctive environments.

3. Research design

A qualitative, non-experimental research design, will be used to gain a richer understanding of the rationales behind the strategies that the selected organisations in the South African apparel retail and heavy construction sectors.

Qualitative research methods are used to investigate subjective data that is not easily presented in numbers, and provides additional perspective with the assistance of words, context, and feelings, while assisting in explaining data neglected by quantitative research methods (Salkind, 2012:226). Graebner, Martin, and Roundy (2012) also believe that it is useful for generating theory when the phenomenon under investigation is previously unexplored or even new, because it can be used in various ways to better understand organisational strategies, and how their environments affect them.

The method of study is through the analysis of the secondary data on the integrated annual reports of the chosen organisations. Greenhoot and Dowsett (2012:3) propose the use of secondary data because inherent information has already been collected and prepared from primary data sources for further analysis. They further recommend that this information to be used to investigate new research questions that were not part of the original data collection and analysis.

4. Population and Sample

The population considered for this study involves organisations listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) from two industry groups, namely apparel retail and heavy construction, during the 2012 financial year.

Non‐probability sampling methods, namely purposeful sampling and convenience sampling, commonly used in qualitative research studies, will be combined for the selection of participants for this study, as the participants are required to meet a certain selection benchmarks to satisfy the...

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