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Strategies For Byod Success Essay

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Companies often consider implementing BYOD in their organizations but fear the challenges that they will experience. These fears are sometimes brought about by the IT team within the organizations as it is believed by many that BYOD is a tragedy waiting to happen as they consider the security issues, policies, possible data loss and network bottlenecks. However with careful planning and implementing the right strategies this endeavor can be a success. Implement BYOD policy in the workplace not only requires IT governance but also management and operational controls implemented.
According to CDW (2013) mobile use policies is necessary as it provides a foundation for any security ...view middle of the document...

5. Expand the infrastructure
Opening up the gates to BYOD will require more bandwidth as a more powerful wireless network will be necessary. Bottlenecks can cause the flow of data to be limited or stopped and the company should be prepared to have equipment to handle the load and be able to deal with extra traffic coming from the users from various locations.
6. Tighten up security
The use of built in firewalls will no longer be enough and the company has to invest in hardware-based firewall such as Cisco. This means that the network will have to be locked down for this implementation and to ensure that all security patches are applied to servers.
7. Create a company cloud
This will be beneficial as users will need to remotely access the companies resources and so an isolated cloud or even using Google Docs so users may safely and easily access the files they need outside of the network.
8. Audit your network
Before implementing the BYOD operation a complete audit of the network must be carried out. This will become necessary as issues can be better identified especially when new devices start causing problems.
9. Redefine your support policy
There is going to be an increase in the time spent on supporting the devices of users more than the company can afford. The policies should be written include the devices of users. The policy should specify: company is not financially responsible for end-user devices, only devices that follow company guidelines will be allowed/supported, company does not...

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