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Having enough light in any bathroom is very important. To achieve the best lighting possible, it is a good idea to install bathroom lighting that provides plenty of light that is directed towards the mirror in a way that provides little shadow or glare. By doing this, you will make your bathroom a bright, open, and airy space that invites everyone in to enjoy its luxuries.

When it comes to selecting the proper bathroom lighting for your home's bathroom, it is important to consider the placement of the lighting, the types of switches and bulbs that are best suited for your bathroom space, and the decorations of the globes and other features of the lighting fixtures. By considering these items, you will transform your bathroom from an ordinary space into something fabulous.

Placement of Your Bathroom Lighting

The placement of your bathroom lighting is one of the most important factors to consider as you are purchasing bathroom light fixtures. When it comes to the placement of your bathroom lights, you will want to use lights that work with any mirrors in your bathroom to provide illumination throughout the bathroom space. This is especially important to do in a small bathroom because it will help to keep the bathroom space from feeling cramped and crowded.

On top of placing your bathroom lighting fixtures in ways that provide complete illumination of your home's bathroom space, you will want to place your bathroom lights in places that will provide great lighting when someone is using one of the mirrors in the bathroom. One way to do this is to place lighting fixtures on either side of the mirror and above it. Placing bathroom lighting in this way helps to prevent shadows from someone's brow, chin, or nose that can limit their field of vision when using a mirror in the bathroom.

Selecting Switches and Bulbs for Your Bathroom Lights

When you are shopping for bathroom lights, it is important to select switches and bulbs that will allow you to adjust the lighting in your bathroom to an appropriate level. One way to do this is to use compact florescent bulbs and dimmer switches in your bathroom. Doing this will not only save on your overall utility bills, but will also give you the options to change the lighting in your bathroom to levels that allow you to set a variety of moods that complement the bathroom's decor.

Decorative Fixtures and Globes

Besides considering the types of switches and bulbs you are using in your bathroom lighting, it is important to select decorative lighting fixtures...

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