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Strategies For Improving Life Essay

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Strategies for Improving Life
Everyone can benefit from the effects of living healthy; it takes effort, dedication, and time. Eating right helps people control their weight, and reduces the risk of many health problems. Increased strength and energy gained with regular exercise; help people accomplish their goals. The most important aspect in improving people’s lives is positive thinking. A person can do almost anything if he/she believes they can. The three most important factors for improving life is applying and understanding healthy eating habits, regular exercise programs, and positive thinking strategies.
The first step in improving people’s lives is controlling what they eat. It is important to understand; why people crave certain foods and not others. Food acquisition is not the same as it was centuries ago; human genetics cannot keep up with technology. There are also many diet plans on the market; it is important to differentiate from a good diet plan and a bad one. Mental and physical health is the advantage of establishing a healthy eating pattern.
It is important to understand why foods taste; the way they do. The human brain ultimately controls how food tastes. The brain uses senses in the tongue and nose, to determine what foods are appealing or not. Temperatures of food also play a significant role in why foods taste good or bad. The brain responds to eating foods that are good with a pleasurable response. The human brain tells people to enjoy foods with high fat content, a genetic result of evolution. In times where food was scarce (year 1700 or before) seeking foods high in fats would increase the survivability rate of people. Fats are easily stored in the body for later use. A diet consisting of a high fat intake would increase a person’s survivability, in times when foods became scarce (Pierce, Diane, Heth, Russell, & Proctor, 2010). Evolutionary theories suggest; fat tastes good because storing fats is a necessity for survival.
In present time, fat intake by people causes of many health problems. Foods high in fat and sugar are readily available to the public; people naturally gravitate towards these types of foods, fueled by their increased availability. Over-consumption of any type of food will cause problems, and people commonly overindulge on fats and sugars. Genetic programming leads people and animals to consume high amounts of fats. In the past, simple lack of availability controlled what and how much people ate; with current food availability, people must learn to choose what they eat.
Genetics also play a significant role in what people eat and how much. Some people known as “[s]upertasters” have more taste buds than normal people do; “[a]pproximately 25 percent of the world's population are supertasters” having an increased sense of taste (Chavis, 2010, para. 8). People with extra taste buds get increased enjoyment out of eating food. Having an increased number of taste buds often leads to over-eating, and...

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