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As I set myself to right this post, few things came in mind. I came to realize that taking online course it is a mission that I have to undertake to achieve a specific desired goal. And since it is a mission, I have to plan for it. So for the purposes of this course, I am going to consider few strategies as they relate to mission accomplishment of a successful completion of a degree online. And for that I will review planning, time management, and effective communication.

The reason I have to plan, of course, is because with proper planning, I prevent poor performance. This does not necessarily mean that I will meet my objective, but it simply gives me the flexibility to explore other avenue or alternative course of actions if the need should arise. With any planning one have to be very specific and systematic. Therefore to start planning, I have to establish my mission statement. This will give me my goal (s), establish lateral limits, provide me with limiting factors, and give me my flexibility of manoeuver during my execution phase. Another product of planning is the recognition of my center of gravity as it relates to my mission. For example, if my computer breaks down or I lose connectivity, I will not be able to complete my work at home. So connectivity and computer are my center of gravity. So recognition of my center of gravity would also help me review my assets and logistics required to meet my goals, which includes computer, modem, required software, and in some cases, my printer. All these constitute technology. To effectively use them, you have to first be familiar with them, know how they work, and be familiar with remedial actions if they break.

The next phase would be to establish my operation or working orders. This is a statement that includes who, what, when, where, and how. The “Who” will be me or the individual embarking on the mission. The “what” is the study, read, or post a discussion, or the graduation at the end of my studies. The “when” is the time as directed by the weekly assignment or the established schedule of operations. “When” also give me the time frame when I need to do my others task like reading and writing papers. This is the portion where I need to apply time management or should I say apply restrictions on how I utilize my time when I have class work. ...

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