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Strategies In The Sports Marketing Industry

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Imagine sitting at a favorite sporting event. Think about all the advertisements on the jumbotron and the things the team wants you to buy. All these teams have one main goal, to sell you product and make a profit. The men and women behind the scenes making this all happen are sports marketers. According to Wake Forest University, the careers of sports marketers are fast paced, exciting and quite hectic. From NASCAR to baseball, these marketers use a multitude of strategies to market product in the real world. For example Mike Ozanian, member of the Forbes staff, talks about the Dallas Cowboys. He contributes the Cowboys’ 500 million dollar revenue per season to specific athlete endorsements and being on the tv show “Hard Knocks”. In addition Gwen Burrow, writer at EMSI supports Ozanian’s claims by citing Drew Brees, the highest paid player. Brees, with 11 million in endorsements as a prime example of sports marketing. On the other hand, Joe Gillespie, the CEO of Zoove, discusses the impact technology has on sports marketing. He notes how fans can order food, shop for merchandise and check bathroom lines all from the comfort of their seat with their mobile device. Steve Parker supports Gillespie’s technology approach in saying that everyone has access to television whether in the home or out in public. Anyone watching on tv will see commercials promoting these teams. The world of sports marketing plays a major role in the U.S. Economy. When trying to gain revenue, sports marketers will use strategies such as specific athlete endorsement and the advancement of technology to maximize profits.
Everyone that has a favorite sports team has that one player who’s jersey they own, autograph they have or have even met them on the sidelines at a game. One of the biggest money makers is the athletes themselves. In NASCAR, popular drivers are talked about more on television and online, which creates more buzz for the products on their cars. Steve Parker comments on the athlete fan connection by writing “Previously, the conventional way athletes achieved celebrity status was mainly through endorsement deals and association with a certain product or brand. This remains today, but now athletes have the ability to engage their fans directly and organically from their own personality “brand” rather than hitting the lottery with a Nike shoe deal.” Athletes can increase their image in the public eye though social media now more than ever. Another big popularity and money booster for athletes and teams is the creation of Fantasy Sports. Parker states “This new athlete-centric sports world began with the popularity boom of online fantasy sports, which has grown into a $3.8 billion industry. Fans invest money into their fantasy teams, which are composed of players on different professional teams in their respective league.” As a result, all teams benefit because fans will be watching more than one team in an effort to track multiple players. This creates more...

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