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Solving Employee Retention, Financial Restraints And A Need For More Space To Accomodate A Growing Client Base

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Strategy and Implementation
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is searching for ways to solve their three top challenges. These challenges are employee retention, financial constraints, and a need for more space to accommodate their ever growing client base. In our statements below we have presented strategies that we believe will help to meet these challenges and make UT MD Anderson Cancer Center a Stronger company.
Employee Retention
Employee retention is important to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Not only does employee turnover cast the company a great deal of money but it also cost them a lot of time. Tara Davis conducted a study to find the top ten reasons employee leave their jobs. We have listed the reasons below and have added some suggestions for overcoming these issues.
Employee Compensation
Employee Compensation is the main reason employees move on from companies. Many employees feel as if their wages do not fairly compensate them for the amount of work they perform. The first course of action that we recommend would be to research the pay rates at other competing organizations and adjust pay to be competitive. Another option may be offering incentives for a job well done. If an employee is too under paid it can affect their attitude and their ability to considerate.
Supportive working environment
A supportive working environment gives employees a since of worth. In order to achieve a supportive work environment UT MD Anderson Cancer Center should follow these ten guide lines.
1. Build Trust
2. Communicate Positively and Openly
3. Expect the Best from your Staff
4. Create Team Spirit
5. Give recognition and Appreciation
6. Give Credit and take Responsibility
7. Be Approachable
8. Provide a Positive Physical Environment
9. Make Staff Evaluations Positive Experiences
10. Make the Environment Fun (“Ten Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment”)

By following these guideline, this organization can begin to build morale.
Employee recognition is another great way to keep moral high. All employees need to feel valued. In order to give employees this since of value we suggest having both informal and formal recognition programs.
The informal recognition program will involve a management training class that would simple teach management to acknowledge employees and to also recognize their accomplishments. The following are some was to extend some informal recognition as stated on
1. Say Hello at the beginning of the day and good afternoon or good bye at the end of the day.
2. Give specific “Thank you” for jobs well done. (Be sure to state the specific thing that they did well.)
3. Pass on positive comments that have been made by others.
4. Public acknowledgements in company newsletters.
5. Recognize birthdays, work anniversaries, and other special life events.
Formal recognition programs would include things like;
1. Employee of the month
2. A party for all group...

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