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THE STRATEGY Southwest Airlines began with a vision. Herb Kelleher looked at the airline industry, saw an opportunity, and made a move. The idea was simple: "short-haul, point-to-point flights; a fleet consisting only of Boeing 737's; high-frequency flights; low fares; and no international flights." All this was to be offered in a market traditionally characterized by steep prices, set to compensate for high variable costs as well as high fixed operating costs. Furthermore, they would compliment their cost strategy with the best customer service in the industry.With a well-trained staff, a few planes, and key locations near Texan urban centers Southwest Airlines put their foot in the industry. Founded on the basis of the "Southwest Spirit," the internal structure of the organization was incredible, and the corporate culture filtered directly out to the customers. Southwest defined itself as a corporation based on an innovative idea, a loyal workforce, and continuing improvement. The focus and consistency of this mission has been the cornerstone of Southwest's success right up to the present. Such enormous success, in fact, that rapid growth was an inevitability. The question is: How do they control their growth while remaining consistent with their initial strategy.EXPANSION One of the most important qualities that Southwest has possessed can be phrased "Know Thyself." When the times came for expansion, Kelleher always stressed the need to keep it under control and stay consistent with the company focus. Southwest had to take into serious consideration the affects it would have on their promise of timeliness and efficiency. He wisely took into account the threat it might pose of compromising their initial strategy for added revenue. As it turns out, the Southwest image has been maintained so far, but what about the future? With demand increasing at such an accelerating rate, a key factor in their next decision was to enter a market that not only demanded their service, but a market whose demand they could meet. With the delivery of two new 737's, management at Southwest was considering three options: a Detroit-Phoenix route, a Dayton airport, and a Baltimore airport.Offering a direct route between Phoenix and Detroit would certainly bring in added revenue, as evidenced by the large number of...

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1819 words - 7 pages strategy of slow but safe development.2. The company's product has been adapted to customer demands and needs. The fares are low-budget and high frequency, flying from secondary, less crowded airports. The fare prices are the lowest in the market, starting from 10$. The cost containment policy is the second major strategy of SWA. But this policy has never become a threat from the perspective of customer satisfaction due to intelligent HRM. The

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2074 words - 8 pages conditions in a very competitive industry. It can do this by continually improving and learning. Management at SWA has always viewed information as the most powerful tool to success, and has kept employees informed of competitors and the market. SWA has always been able to seize strategic opportunity when it has arisen and has operated on a cost-leadership strategy, maintaining low costs to continually offer the lowest sustainable fares in the market.An

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3902 words - 16 pages The History of Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines (SWA) begins in June 18, 1971, when SWA first operated a first airline consul between Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Rollin King and Herb Kelleher are the founders of the company. The end of 1971 SWA immediately began to expand. In 1972 all Houston service is transferred to Houston's Hobby Airport form Houston Intercontinental, that is make more convenient for people to fly. During

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2427 words - 10 pages effectiveness of Southwest Airlines. Above all, Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every Southwest Customer."StrategiesSouthwest Airlines (SWA) continues to use a conservative growth and route acquisition strategy and use of the single aircraft fleet. Southwest has never taken to the standard airline hub and spoke operations methodology, thus

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4471 words - 18 pages Executive SummaryThe strategy of Southwest Airlines (SWA) has remained the same, which is to give customers low-cost, point-to-point airfare, with excellent customer service. This simple strategy has resulted in SWA posting profits for 30 consecutive years. While other airlines are downsizing, SWA is showing slow steady growth. This performance is evident throughout their SEC Filings.First we will look at SWA's ROI and ROE compared to the rest

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2089 words - 8 pages margin was 9.2% compared to industry 2.3%. We need to find out what it is now. What accounts for this enormous difference between SWA and the other carriers? What management policies and operating procedures does SWA follow that the other carriers do not? Ms. Colleen Barrett is looking to the future. What's next with all this uncertainty in the airline industry? Ms. Barrett noted an article she was reading about another low-fare carrier JetBlue

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1511 words - 6 pages special culture of Southwest Airlines (SWA). Recruitment: Very Selective • Southwest looks for candidates with creative minds to fit in their corporate strategy of customer service • It emphasizes on peer recruitment to conduct easier background checks and offers free-space pass to employees who recommend candidates to fill in critical positions • It involves customer while interviewing flight attendants to further screen and check

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1582 words - 6 pages management shared these goals, and developed a foundation on which to build the business. Visionary leaders Rollin King, Herb Kelleher, Colleen Barrett and other early leaders at Southwest, proved that there is no more competitive advantage than a dedicated, loyal work force. Her Kelleher’s transformational leadership style was just what the new airline needed to be successful, and motivate the staff of SWA to do what no other airline had done

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2159 words - 9 pages of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit”. The main objectives of the airlines business strategy include focusing on transporting high number of passengers on short trips with high frequency, availing low fare, making a strong commitment to its employees and customers and aggressive marketing. The company has a target of a niche market from where it gets its customers’. The company mainly on top of providing lowest fares for

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2198 words - 9 pages Houston. During the inception more than 30 years ago SWA didn't have a smooth take-off when it received the permission to fly the skies. Their competitors such as Continental Airlines, Texas International and Braniff took them to court and obtained an order to bar them from flying until a decision was reached at the trial. The argument put forward by these three airlines was that there was not enough traffic to support the existing airline companies

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3868 words - 15 pages . Competitors pressured Congress in 1978 to bar flights from Love Field to anywhere outside Texas. Southwest was able to negotiate a compromise called the Wright Amendment that allowed flights from Love Field to the four states contiguous to Texas. In retrospect the Wright Amendment forced onto Southwest a key ingredient of its later success: the strategy of short flights.Southwest grew through the 70's and dominated the Texas market by appealing to

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1313 words - 5 pages , and direct marketing. The intent is to build awareness of Southwest Airlines and make it a part of community even before service starts to the city.6. What are the internal and external forces influencing SWA?The external factors that affect Southwest's strategy would be laws and restrictions like safety and training regulations. In fact, traveling in and out of Dallas Love Field is a subject to the limitations of the Wright Amendment. This

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2144 words - 9 pages 1.How does SWA use organizational culture and focus on people as its strategic competitive advantage?SWA puts employees first and customers second, a policy that seems to go against the way most companies operate. The source of this policy came from the outgoing CEO Herb Kelleher and can be seen every day in the motivation of Southwest's employees. Herb believed that a happy, motivated employee communicates the same attitude toward customers.At