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Strategy Change1) INTRODUCTIONSYMANTEC CORPORATION came into existence 26 years back [founded in 1982] has its headquarters based in Cupertino, California, United states of America. And not to forget it has full-fledged offices in 40 countries worldwide, with a turn over more than $20 billion reported in the last financial year. After the merger with VERITAS, Symantec not only deals in endpoint security products but also deals in storage security appliances and softwares. The areas of specialization for Symantec lies from desktop level security to gateway level security. Without a doubt one can see the price difference between the products offered by Symantec and it's competitors. Though this company has priced its products way to high compared to it's competitors.Symantec has now entered the controlled market of Electronic Messaging Security with offering various lines of products from Anti Spam, Legal Deferences, Content Compliances and Messages Retrieval Combo Packages.According to Financial Times (2006), as far the competition is concerned Symantec stood at 64.7% of the United States retail sector for information security products in the 4th quarter of the year 2006. Wherein Mc Afee was at 13% . Similarly Trend Micro only managed to get hold of 5 % from the same market. The newest player in the market was Microsoft with 4.4% of the market share.2) PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:SYMANTEC alone has a product line comprising of 7 categories to offer in the market. With over 70 products which are now divided into the 7 categories mentioned which are suitable for various security and data management initiatives. In the last year where the NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2007, which was rated the best in its category for its features and provisional benefits that were offered by this product for Desktop Level Security. Not only does this Security Giant deal in antivirus but also covers the field for Firewall Software, Unified Threat Management Appliances, E-mail Security, DATA Protection, Management, Retrieval and Replication, Availability Software and Appliances.With the ever changing and demanding requirements of its clients the company has sufficiently managed to put itself in a very comfortable zone in the current market. It was in the Year 2005 when Symantec launched SOHO ( Small Office/ Home Office) category of product to cater the small business entities across the globe by going as low as 5 licenses per deal.The Symantec Security Response Organization ( Formerly Known as SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS RESEARCH CENTRE) is of the world class Security Threat Detection and Research Centre globally. The world famous brand Norton antivirus also one of the brands owned by Symantec Corporation Annual Report (2006).MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS:" Merger" the term on a very holistic approach means where there is a collaboration between two companies, and there could be a possibility that one of them would still be a functional organization.By...

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