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Strategy Implementation Essay

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The results of data analysis indicated the priority of structure on other mentioned obstacles. Inappropriate structure may decrease flexibility and may also weaken organizational ability to be in harmony with the environment especially whenever the organization needs alteration in the strategic priorities in order to improve its competitive place. Allocation of the highest priority to the structure may show inefficiency of the efforts of contractual companies managers in order to prepare structural sequences which may help execution of strategies in addition to facilitate activities of the companies in the field of contractual works. The inefficiency, may show its effects on decrease in ...view middle of the document...

The necessity to optimum resources allocation in contractual companies is very important in order to practicing in different projects on a parallel type and any partial insufficiency in allocation of the resources may decrease company’s profit and increase organizational costs in the future, and also decrease company’s credits in order to decreasing project quality in its operation dimension. Communication factor is located at 5th rank in this research. Structural nature of contractual companies may explain the importance of communication role; in the extent that, from viewpoint of effecting on organizational conflicts; this factor may allocate a higher grade to it, and so may endanger strategic plans. In the meantime, three factors including executors, control and commitment obtained 6th to 8th ranks. To locate these three factors at the end of grading system of strategy implementation obstacles shall not be a reason for their unimportance; the rank allocated to the factors of this research may confirm their relative importance; and therefore, shall be used as a guideline to direct manager’s efforts to the obstacles with priorities in order to improve effect of the strategy implementation. At this time, effect of weakness executors on increasing organizational costs, inefficiency of control system...

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