Strategy Structure Linkage For Long Term Results

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1.IntroductionThis assignment provides a critical examination of the strategy-structure linkage for long term results with regard to a medium scale multi product manufacturing organization.Initially, the relevant and related literature with regard to the strategy-structure linkage is presented to enlighten the theoretical background before going on to practical application.The selected organization is Sri Ramya Group of Companies Private Limited. The company produced a variety of products such as sewing machines, umbrellas, apparels and polythene products. It was officially established in 1965 by a southern entrepreneur namely Mr. G.V.D. Wickramasinghe. It progressed at an increasing rate and was a flourishing business until the end of 1980's. The organization can be categorized as a medium scale business according to the SLAE (1990) classification because the initial capital investment was less than five million Rupees and the number of employees is less than 200.Currently, the organization is facing a major downturn situation and this study would also become a postmortem of Sri Ramya Group of Companies Private Limited as the reasons to this chaos can be identified accurately at the present time. The real picture of the organization is depicted in the third chapter of this term paper.The identified reasons are in line with the strategy-structure mismatch of the company and therefore clearly examined throughout the assignment with the relevant theoretical aspects. Hence, it is appropriate to state that the deviations of the veracity from the concepts have been identified and presented.Even at this moment, the crisis can be faced effectively to some extent by making the correct changes. Therefore, necessary changes and the suggestions to improve with the possible outputs and outcomes are described finally.Conclusively, the term paper comprehends the concepts related to strategy-structure linkage for long term results and applies those to Sri Ramya Group of Companies Private Limited in order to identify the errors and the possible corrective measures needed to recover it's performance. A derived anticipation of the assignment is to offer facts to aid the proper decision making at this point in order to avoid devastation of the company.2. A Review of the Relevant and Related Theoretical Aspects2.1. Strategy Structure LinkageAt present, companies consider strategic planning as well as implementation as they can not achieve objectives if implementation is not properly done. Therefore, implementation is crucial and equally weighted in the contemporized dynamic environment. To implement a strategy effectively, a company needs a suitable structure to support. Hence, the first step of the strategy implementation process is developing an apposite structure (Daft, 2006; Miller & Dess, 1996; David, 1997).2.1.1. Matching structure with strategy.According to David (1997), changes in strategy often require changes in the way an organization is structured...

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