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Stratigies Used By Dixons To Become Market Leader

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IntroductionExpansion in real terms is growth, therefore, in business terms 'expansion´ is the growth of a firm in terms of turnover, profits or asset base.Growth of a firm is quite difficult to measure but the most widely used criteria for growth are sales and net assets.Firms can grow using two different methods, organic through growth of sales or inorganic, which is a faster method of expansion involving takeovers and mergers with other businesses in the same market.Main bodyBirth of DixonsDixons Plc started off as a photographic studio founded by Charles Kalms in 1937. There was high demand for portrait photography. Above all conditions for growth, there must be a gap in the market. The belief that the firm can quickly recognise and profitably supply some area of consumer demand.Stanley Kalms, the son, was quick to recognise the public´s newfound interest in photography, which was growing rapidly. They started selling simple cameras and accessories. The challenge to the firms is to market the product so that the value to consumer exceeds its price and price exceeds costs of production.Dixons customers valued their products higher than the price charged. Consumers priced the cameras and accessories as exceeding its retail price. By very clever management and efficiency Dixons were able to produce the goods as a lower cost than the retail price. The gap between consumer valuation and producer cost is not only the source of profit but also the 'potential difference´, the energised gap that drives business activity.Growth of sales were achieved by gaining market share relative to competitors. Consumers were convinced that Dixons´ products offered better value for money.Diversification of product range and servicesDiversification is offering a wider range of products. It occurs when firms spread risk by producing a variety of products. Diversification could help the company to avoid insolvency but this was not the objective for Dixons. They wanted to break into new markets to broaden their views over the business world. Offering different products and a larger range, Dixons were able to get the customers in their stores as one would rather have the convenience to get two or three different products from one store than to have to travel around to various stores around London. Not only is this a benefit to the customer but also to the firm, say a customer walks into Dixons wanting to buy a hi-fi and hasn´t come in for anything other than that at all. He buys the hi-fi but whilst he is waiting for the packaging of the product, he has a glance around the store. He sees a camera in the cabinet that really catches his eye and is impressed. A member of staff notices the gentleman looking in the cabinet and goes over to introduce the camera to him. Mr. Wallace, the customer says, "ok I´ll have it....." here, Dixons has gained a sale without any persuasive salesman techniques. If Dixons hadn´t have had the camera,...

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