Street Art, The Soul Of The City

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Perseverance, a single word that defines the human experience. The individual perception of this existence transpires into a longing to leave a mark that extends beyond a lifetime. Street art and other markings left on the built environment visualize determination, hope, frustrations and an overall culture of a given space. The relationship of our need to mark our surroundings is what gravitates me to the observation of the city through the view of local lived spaces. Since childhood, I would stare out the car window examining the cracks and creases of the city, those minor details that get lost in the grandness of it all. My eyes would be drawn to spaces that were marked and scared over ...view middle of the document...

Currently, I am working on a mobile application in which users help in mapping out the locations of local street art and other mark-making around the city. The objective of this application is to create a tangible interaction between the city and its inhabitants. Using Geographical Information System, I hope to find patterns that might aid in pinpointing architectural elements that encourage positive artistic expression while engaging the community. In addition, I will create a process that will aid in community planning by taking advantage of street art and the built environment.
University of Oregon offers me the resources and faculty that would assist in the development of my research. The projects of professors Yizhao Yang and Rebbeca Lewis are influences that can give me the right tools and understanding of the city and the communities within. Yang's knowledge of China's urbanization and use of garden city planning will give me templates and material in which I can use to expand my list of elements of city planning. The work of Lewis will be important to enhance my overall mastery of land use, sustainability and the policies that may effect my research. It is important to me that I obtain of a wide variety of influence, and it is one of my top priorities. I know that the University...

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