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Why street smart students are considered anti intellectual in academic area? In the article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff, he accounts the idea that street smart students are way more smarted than book smarts. He explains that street smart student will be able to solve an issue much faster than book smart because of his/her previous experience. According to author, the problems with considering street smarts as anti intellectual are they are actually much smarter that book smart students, they don’t equal opportunity , and schools along with colleges never challenge their mind get them to succeed in academic work.
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Secondly, street smart students don’t get equal opportunity in schools and colleges to prove themselves. In the article, author says that “In competition, points were scored not by making arguments, but by a show of information or vast reading, by grade-grubbing, or other forms of one-upmanship,” which explains that many street smart students make arguments in academic competitions and they don’t get enough points for their arguments to win a competition, where book smart students provide only the information from books and readings to win those competitions. Book smart students also never give their own opinion to back up an issue or point. Graff also describe that book smart student care more about how to win a competition, but not to learn anything or present something they know. Author is extremely right about the competitions in schools and colleges which only care about what students have presented, but not what students knows and have learned from an activity.
Schools and colleges don’t challenge student’s minds and they also don’t encourage students to learn what they don’t have much interest in, this is another problem with considering street smart students non-intellectuals. In the article author tells that...

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