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Strength Essay

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Sal OchoaNovember 4, 2014Period: 4thDrugs and AthletesThroughout the history of sports, there have been many great athletes. A big majority of these athletes earned their greatness through hard work and dedication. But some of them, who couldn't do this, resulted to steroids to make them achieve their greatness. Some people agree with steroids and think they should be legal, but I disagree. Steroids make sports unfair to the people who play it fairly and clean. Not only do steroids make the game unfair, but also they are very bad for you. Steroids destroy people's image.Living in today's society, professional athletes, college athletes and even high school athletes are feeling pressured to use steroids to enhance their performance and increase their statistics. I completely disagree with this because it makes it unfair to the people who play sports cleanly and fair. For example, Fourteen time MLB all-star Alex Rodriguez was convicted of steroid use and he stated "it ruined my career" (Butterworth). Not only did it ruin Rodriguez's career, but also it ruined every single player's career that competed with him to win all those awards he won, such as Babe Ruth award, Hank Aaron award, and Silver Slugger award. Rawlings Gold Glove award and a seat in the 500 home run club. Those awards should have gone to the players who were playing the game fairly and earned them with hard work. Another example is in 2011; Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun were battling for the MVP Award of the MLB. Braun won the award but was later caught using steroids. Kemp was cheated out of the award and later said, "It's a shame this happened, but I'll be back next year to prove myself again." (Bleacher Report). Kemp was playing the game of baseball with pride and passion while Braum was cheating and because of this tragic thing, Kemp didn't get the award that he deserved. Using steroids is just another way of cheating. These are all reasons of how steroids make sports unfair.Not only do steroids make sports unfair, they also have a very negative impact on your health. For example, steroids have many negative side effects according to Dr. David R. Mottran when he states "Long term use of steroids can actually damage the eyes, resulting in eye infections, cataracts or glaucoma, acne, rapid growth of body hair in women, increased breast size in men, cancers, major damage to the kidneys and liver shrinkage of testicals." (Padwe). As good as the results you get from steroids may be the health risks aren't worth it. You are putting your body at risk of all these harmful things just to perform better in sports. Another example is in 2012, a 17 year old boy named Matthew was using steroids to try and bulk \up for his body building competition when things went very wrong. The steroids caused Matthews brain to swell eventually leading to death. His mom stated, "a lot of kids who take steroids don't see them as drugs, hey see them as supplements and nothing more and that needs to...

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