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Strength And Conditioning Essay

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The aims of the following essay is to cover the different aspects of strength and conditioning (S&C), looking into the principles of training while also relating it back to diverse types of training that can be implemented on a sports coaches athletes. This is because coaches have to know more than just learning the basics to be successful in the professional environment (Waghchoure, Et al, (2011). This is because they also have to analysing the method that are been implement while also examining the influence of growth through the maturation and physical performance because everyone will have individual difference. In addition also analysing the development of the key fitness qualities ...view middle of the document...

There headlight of their study shows rugby league players that had a low 10 metre and also 40 metre sprint times have a higher risk of injury according to Gabbet and Domrow (2005) study. This is also supported with Bishop and Edgem (2006) reports that support athletes with greater aerobic fitness have better ability to resist fatigue. This is because players are always shifting between brief periods of maximal, near maximal, moderate and low intensity exercise. The athletes have to work through these periods as the match is completed and would have been repeated over times during a match. For example football players have to use the repeated sprint ability (RSA) this is vital for them to perform short durations sprints but often with short rest periods according to Girard, Mendez-Villanueva & Bishop,(2011).
This has directed professional in the industry to produce numerous S&C resources for coaches dealing with the task of what constitutes appropriate physical fitness for their chosen sport (Brewer, 2008). This has led to number of different governing bodies that S&C coaches have to abide too. The Professional Body for Strength and Conditioning in the UK (UKSCA) and also The Registered of Exercise Professionals (REPS). The UKSCA was formed in 2004 while REPS was formed in 2002; they provided recognition of qualifications that are meeting the national standards to help protect the public from gaining the wrong advice (REPS, 2013). There a recognised qualification in S&C level one, two and three. This means there are more S&C coaches working in the United Kingdom creating more employment opportunities with a clear pathway.
Many sports are using the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Stafford (2005) discussed that Balyi is the most accepted theory that came to date in the early 1990s (Lang and Light (2010). The purpose of long term athlete development was improving participation and similarly continuous development of athlete's that strength and conditioning coaches (UKSCA, 2013).This has created an upsurge in coaches working with younger athlete using strength and conditioning techniques in a bid to enhance their performance and also to prevent injuries using long term athlete development models created by Istvan Balyli (Lloyd and Oliver, 2013).
Lloyd and Oliver, (2013) and (Brewer, (2008) share the same view that the physical conditioning has a fundamental stake for sports performance at any level of competition with the best condition athletes winning the competition. Having the Implication coach’s needs to have an understanding of physical conditioning in order to improve their athlete’s performance. This lead to S&C working on performance parameters and assessing their athletes physiological. First the S&C would assess the group and the evaluate their abilities. The S&C would analysis the current state of preparedness of the athletes and...

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