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Women have been considered to be the symbol of strength for many centuries. Women have often been forced to be in charge of the family when the male in the family couldn’t. There are many times during wars that the men have to go off and fight, they leave their women behind. Then these women have to not only continue their responsibilities and take care of their families, they also have to take over the men’s responsibilities. Women also have to leave the people and the places that they love so that they can be with their husband. Many women had to give up a lot so that they could get married and live with those people. A Wagner Matinée, by Willa Cather, shows strength and endurance because the aunt left what she loved, she stayed with her husband, and she went home after the city.
The aunt left what she loved in Matinée, by Cather, which shows strength and endurance. The aunt lived with her family in the city when she was younger. She was educated and was able to attend shows that she loved. The aunt was clearly a part of a very privileged family, so she was used to doing a lot of fun things. She really loved music so you can tell that she loved to be educated and live that privileged life. With this knowledge you know that she had to have given up a ton of stuff just to be able to live with the man that she loves. She left the city and moved out to the middle of nowhere. The only way that she is able to continue with her life is by educating others in her family.
Cather also points out the strength and endurance in the aunt because she stays with her husband in Matinée. There are so many examples in the story that show you how much the aunt missed her old life and the awesome things that she had in it. Yet, she never leaves her husband. She could leave him at any time and go back with her family, just leave...

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