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Strength And Weaknesses Essay

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Strengths and Weaknesses
Census Tract 6 is a diverse neighborhood that is full of churches, recreational areas, and businesses. The area is established with affordable housing available to both homeowners and renters. There are various transportation methods to the people of this area with bus stops, taxis, walking, bike, and by vehicle. Parks, nightlife, and restaurants are available to Census Tract 6 residents with the tract. The tract has both city water and sewage supply for the homes. There are two universities within 15 miles of the tract, which provides choice of in town higher education. The tract is also located very close to the St. Joe Hospital; this protects the residents if they need emergency medical attention.
This census tract is contains quite a few bars and tobacco stores, which could negatively impact the health of residents. This may also encourage risky behavior in the community. The tract is near many downtown businesses and close to a number of factories, this may create issues with noise and crime. The area is near a local hospital; however, there is limited healthcare available for low income families. There is a clinic in the tract that was recently shut down, which makes it harder to find a place to go to besides the St. Joe Hospital. There were no gyms observed, which does not promote physical health. Many of the houses were older. There were a number of home that had open upper level windows on a twenty degree day. This suggests that the homes are not well insulated and that the heat is portioned unevenly. This is unfortunate for the residents because it may affect their heating bills and level of comfort in the home. The older homes may also have the added risk of lead paint. There are a significant number of homes in this area that were built before the 1960s, which poses a risk to any family that lives in an older home.
Potential Health Problems and Prevention Programs
There are recreational areas available to...

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