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Strength Of Emotions Essay

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In his book on ethics, Spinoza spends some time focusing on the nature of emotions. The emotions that Spinoza first focused on were passive emotions that were not based on adequate ideas but on inadequate ideas. Explaining how easy it is for humans to be driven into certain directions governed by certain passions, showing the inability of humans to sometimes control their own passions. Spinoza did not just only want to describe these emotions but also wanted to show the strengths in human emotions. Setting up preparation into discussing exactly how the human mind can gain control over the emotions by acknowledging and understanding the difficulty it is for one to overcome them. It is known ...view middle of the document...

Showing that is the individuals own desire to achieve what is ultimately good, to seek what is profitable and to ones advantage, acting according to the inter laws of ones own nature. The moral law for Spinoza only has a true force when one gives it authority to have force. Showing that human beings have a natural right to always seek and pursue what they feel to be to their own advantage and their own profit.
It is very difficult for one to overcome ones passions, this having nothing to do with the abuse of free will or a sinful nature. For someone’s emotions are more affected by objects that one is confronted with in the present than those things that are experienced in the past or future. This making someone more prone to giving into emotions that promise one a short term pleasure rather than long-term pain. Based on things that are possible and things that are contingent, one will lean more to things that are possible. Also one will also take more seriously things that are necessary to things that are possible. Something that is seen as possible does not affect someone as something that is really necessarily true. Therefore, this affects ones emotional life, for thinking of some thing that is merely possible is much more important than something that is necessary. Tending to take more seriously the things that one is faced with in the present rather than future.
An addition, Spinoza redefines good and evil. Not as it appears to the common man and what they imagine it to be. In that, good being a source of joy or evil as a source of sorrow, is subjective. For good could cause joy for one but may be seen as an evil and a source of sorrow for another. Spinoza moves more towards a more philosophical perception of good and evil, a moral good and evil. This is what one knows is certain to be good not just appears to be good and for one to know what is really useful, not what appears to be useful. Moreover, Spinoza contrasts what one judges to be necessary to what is contingent. It is important to note that on an emotional life some tend to take more seriously things that tend to be more necessary and those things that are currently taking place rather then those things that are merely contingent. Nothing in nature is contingent but it is unknown whether something exists or not.
As ideas are concerned a relationship with God all ideas are true. Meaning that what is false in a false idea shows that nothing is positive, this also pertains to emotions. Inevitability human beings are susceptible to suffering. Human beings suffer because they are part of nature; they are not whole with nature. Therefore there are an infinite amount of things with power...

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