Strength Of Feeling In Spring And Holy Sonnet 10

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Strength of Feeling in Spring and Holy Sonnet 10

"Spring", written by Gerard Manley-Hopkins, employs the ideas of the
beauty of the season. Manley-Hopkins introduces references to his
faith, portraying a religious approach. The feelings experienced
within the sonnet are very intense, and the reader becomes
progressively more engrossed amid the lines of the sonnet, as the poet
delves into the peril that spring might be spoiled, and the innocence
of youth might be lost. Manley-Hopkins addresses the Lord, in the hope
that all sinning might cease forever, and hence the beauty of the
season of spring might be maintained eternally.

"Holy Sonnet 10", written by John Donne, similarly refers to the
poet's faith. The strength of the feeling shown here is colossal, as
Donne challenges to address Death as a coward. The sonnet is powerful,
as Donne dares to think Death to be weak and feeble. The poet is so
confident within his faith of God, and his apparent belief in the
afterlife, that he is self assured that no harm will come to him from
this one vain beast. Death will eventually be overcome; it is nothing
to fear. The poet's feelings are vivid, and dangerous, and the reader
is thrown into a reverie of shadows as such immoral thoughts are taken

"Spring", a Petrarchan sonnet, contains an octave, which sets the
scene of the ultimate beauty of spring, followed by a concluding
sestet, revealing its real imperfections. Just as Adam and Eve
committed original sin, resulting in the Garden of Eden being ruined,
Manley-Hopkins declares that spring itself will, in time, be ruined if
we continue to sin. With great feeling, the poet begs God to save the
innocence of youth, and cease all wrongdoing, to preserve our glorious
paradise that is spring.

Run-on lines allow the real energy of spring to emerge, forcing the
reader to scan their eyes over the words at an increasing
acceleration, causing tremendous excitement and rush. As the rows
continue in this way, the sonnet is effectively more fluent to read.

"Holy Sonnet 10" is a Shakespearean sonnet, yet with a slight
variation in the rhyming scheme. The first, second and third quatrains
introduce and develop the idea that Death is no great threat to man,
as once it is overcome, man will live for all eternity with God, safe
from all harm. Death is a coward, and holds no real seniority; it is
certainly not to be feared. The third quatrain offers a great list of
reasons of why Death is not in control, but in fact, man is. "And dost
with poyson, warre, and sicknesse dwell". Death uses cowardly methods
to try and harm a person, but it is all in vain, as man controls
Death. Man will overcome Death. When a person has a fatal accident, it
is the fault and chance of man, not the decision of Death. Death can
often be man's decision anyway! When a...

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