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Strength Of The Inner Child Essay

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During our childhood, we are fragile and impressionable, yet we retain an inner strength. As children, we have expectations of our parents raising and protecting us by following some basic guidelines that should be respected and followed throughout the eternal parent-child relationship. At this time, we are so small and so fragile, we expect mom and dad to understand that we are learning and growing, however slow we may be. We are learning to see with our eyes as our parents have with theirs, seeing the world and understanding the nature of all things. It is our right to be able to explore this world safely without harm. All we ask of our parents is to take the time explaining things to us about this wonderful world and do so willingly. We have such tender feelings and the sensitivity to our needs is well appreciated when it is received. We hope to be treated as others would like to be treated. We are all certainly special gifts. One would only assume to be treasured as our Creator intended others to do so by holding him or her accountable for his or her actions, providing guidelines to live by and discipline him or her in a loving manner. Lastly, our parents should be able to set a good example for us while we watch the things that they do in order to follow in their footsteps. However, children unconditionally obey and honor their parent?s word. Out of respect, a child may obey his or her parent by keeping secrets involving abuse but, as a survival tactic, children instinctively forget dreadful memories of betrayal in order to develop some peace of mind. However, in contrast to such an idealized stable family life, such situations arise that a family may become devastatingly dysfunctional. Children are vulnerable to abuse especially when the parents may be under a great amount of stress. Child abuse is the most horrifying secret that is kept within families in order for the abuser to hide from his or her sins. Statistics and research show that approximately one in six boys is sexually abused before age sixteen. Sexual violence has become gradually more a part of our society. Everything from attitudes to advertisements seems to contribute to an environment in which rape is both allowed and accepted. We can challenge this crime of power and fear. Our goals should be proactive to dissolve the foundation of sexual violence. By encouraging relationships of communication, love, and respect we can take a giant step in the struggle to end sexual violence.However, each case should be looked at individually for those whom have already experienced abuse before a relationship of communication can be encouraged. Ph. D. Jim Hopper, is a psychologist who retains a website entitled, ?Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse,? at He has researched lasting effects of child abuse, particularly in men. For nine years, he has worked as a therapist with both men and women who were abused in childhood, providing individual and group...

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