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Strength, Personality, And Style Assessments & Motivation

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In my paper regarding strength assessments from the Rath’s Strengths Finder 2.00 (Rath) I learned how it can improve the development of my leadership. About a year ago I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment (The Myers & Briggs Foundation); I was identified as an ENTJ and ENFJ (split personality). I recently took another assessment detailing with my style (Style Analysis). The strength finder 2.0 assessment defined my top five leadership strengths; the Myers Briggs defined my personality; and this new assessment defining my style behavior. These assessments are very valuable in knowing who I am as a leader. Leadership is about getting others to accomplish goals bigger than themselves. That requires motivation. Now that I understand more about myself and my leadership style, how can I use this knowledge to motivate and persuade others?
In the lecture presentation by Dr Homes (Homes) he discussed how the strength-finder is a tool that he uses in his operations to help and identify strengths that both compliment and fill missing gaps. These assessments help identify compatibility. Compatibility includes your co-workers, superiors, subordinates and other in the work place but also in your personal life. He discussed the need to understand the strength of others so that we can relate to them better. And by relating better, we are able to manage, motivate and lead them better. He clearly articulated the value of the strength finder assessment for better leadership.
The assessment that I recently took at work was titled Style Analysis (Style Analysis) also referred to as the DISC style analysis, (See attached materials) and was part of a presentation by Phil Begley, Managing Principal of Riverstone Organizational Advisors, Inc. The title of the presentation was Coaching Diverse Styles (Begley). The assessment defines your behavioral style in one of four categories; compliance, dominance, influence and steadiness. The focus of the presentation was in using the assessment to not just understand your ‘style behavior’ but to understand the behavioral style of others. The ability to lead requires us to motivate and related to others within not only our work place, but at home and elsewhere. Understanding this assessment provides valuable insights into another’s behavior style and the ability to effectively motivate.
Phil recommends that if one must address someone in a difficult situation such as a performance management situation, to think of one good quality or something that you appreciate of that person. If you can’t, get them off the bus (Collins) or to get them into another seat. He also stated that when one recognizes another’s style and motivation needs, he is honoring that person. Like is someone goes to France and speaks French, it honors that person.
Romans 12:10 “ Love each other with genuine affection,* and take delight in honoring each other.” (Greg Laurie, General Editor)
Romans 12:16 Live in harmony with each...

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