Stress And Fibromyalgia Is There A Correlation Between The Stress From Domestic Violence And Fibromyalgia Symptomology?

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Fibromyalgia affects approximately 4% of adults. It primarily affects women. Not nearly enough is known about this debilitating condition. Approximately 3-6 million Americans, ranging in age from 20-50, are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (Murray, Daniels, Murray, 2006). Diagnosis has been on the rise with doctors not knowing sometimes how to treat the patient because a finite cause has yet to be found. Many who suffer from Fibromyalgia know that added stress affects their pain levels. Many also say that they have undergone intense stress in their lives. And many know the added stress from being diagnosed and the hardship of finding a caregiver that recognizes this is a real condition with real causes and symptoms that need real treatment. The more we can learn about this condition the more the physicians can learn and help these victims of Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia (FM) is an incurable condition that is marked with severe pain, extreme lethargy, sleep issues, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and disability and mood disturbances such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings (Murray, et al., 2006). FM is thought to be a rheumatologic disorder, however, some evidence suggest that it could be a psychological disorder or have a psychological component (Murray, Daniels, Murray, 2006). Research is focusing on the psychological and biochemical/hereditary components (Murray, Daniels, Murray, 2006). There are ideas that have been tossed around but there has yet to be a firm etiological explanation found (Murray, et al., 2006).
Many people with FM self-report having had severe psychological traumas in their lives at some point in time (Lumley, Cohen, Stout, Neely, Sander, Burger, 2008). Domestic Violence is a highly discussed issue in today’s society causing immense stress in the lives of those it affects which are primarily women and children. This researcher believes that the stress from physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and economic abuse ("The 5 forms,") possibly occurring over months or even years has a correlation to the onset of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia leading to a diagnosis. As of this date there have been no research done in this area. With 1.3 million victims of Domestic Violence (DV) ("Domestic violence facts," 2007) recorded each year in the United States it would behoove researchers to examine a possible correlation between the stress caused by DV and the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in so many women in the United States. This researcher believes there will be a strong positive correlation.
The study that will be conducted will look at women that have been diagnosed with FM and their history of DV. Diagnostics of the information found through investigations will be reviewed using standard statistical procedures. Other studies have been conducted to find a correlation between life stress and the onset of FM symptomology and have been found conclusive. It has also been found conclusive that prior intense life stress seems to have a...

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