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Stress And It's Sources Essay

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Have you ever had an entire list of tasks that needed to be done, but you felt too exhausted to even start them? That is a prime example of stress, which is something a great deal of people from varied age groups face. Stress is the body’s physical and mental reaction to situations or events that we perceive to be challenging or threatening. As unpleasant and undesirable stress is, it is a necessary stimulation in human bodies that would lead to death if it were not present. Stress is caused by many factors, both social and personal, and can have immense negative effects on the human body if not handled properly.
Stress as a common belief is often viewed as unpleasant only, which is ...view middle of the document...

Although this scale does not prove that stress could cause illness, Rahe and Holmes did propose that the more stress your body undergoes, the more likely you are to encounter harmful health issues.
Due to the recent economic disaster in the United States, many human beings have experienced job stress. Job stress can go hand-in-hand with stress caused by life changes because it has a great deal to do with unemployment, keeping/changing jobs, and additionally, job performance. Researchers have found the job stress is found most apparent in jobs that do not allow people to expose their creative sides, but instead focus greatly on concentration and performance. Job stress is an internal stimulus for stress, but it can be easily transformed in a way that it affects the person’s home life and loved ones. Stress at work is a leading cause for child and spouse abuse alcoholism, and financial issues.
When not handled in positive ways, stress can cause changes within your body that may be damaging to our health. In 1936, Hans Selye illustrated physiological reactions to stress, which became known as the general adaptation syndrome. This syndrome occurs in three stages in response to stressors: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Your body enters the alarm phase when your resistance to stress is temporarily subdued, but your arousal is high and blood is diverted to your skeletal muscles. If the stress continues, your body then enters the resistance phase where you experience high...

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