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Stress And Psychological Well Being In Families With Autistic Children

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Parents of children with autism often suffer from stress and anxiety. Dealing with children with autism places extraordinary demands on the shoulder of parents that can be added over the usual parental daily work and responsibilities. Compounding the needs and work load of the family members to the responsibilities of raising a child with autism can be multiplied and easily create a hectic situation where parents feel the pressure under such circumstances and suffer psychological symptoms that can be overwhelming to both parents and siblings of children with autism.
Children with autism suffer a myriad of social, behavioral, and language abnormalities. An individual with such a dense profile can have a huge impact on the normal functioning of the family. In this short essay, I’ll present the reasons behind this abnormal profile of these individuals and the effects of such symptoms on the family adjustment and work load. Secondly, I’ll provide some suggestions that can help alleviate parental and siblings suffering during primary years of the child’s life.
It is apparent that children with autism places more psychological and physical burden over the shoulders of their parents and siblings than children with normal intellectual intelligence. There are many reasons that attest to this hypothesis. Firstly, a child with autism usually suffers from a degree of mental retardation combined with language problems. This collective disability can be manifested through the individuals’ inability to express his/her wants and needs. In such case, families are forced to figure out what is that their child is trying to communicate through their inappropriate behaviors such as screaming or tantruming. The process of determining the causes of a child’s chaotic behaviors can lead to high levels of frustration and irritation.
Secondly, children with autism can manifest a wide range of behaviors that can also feed into the family’ cycle of frustration and stress. Some of these behaviors can be marked with a degree of aggressiveness, self-injurious and/or self-stimulating behaviors. These behaviors can be threatening to the child, siblings and parents safety. Furthermore, these behaviors can be very concerning and interfere with the child daily functioning and academic/vocational learning. Consequently, families need to constantly restructure their time, find appropriate settings for the child to stay and spend time with professionals who are well prepared to care for a their child with the appropriate skills to manage such hard task.
Financial burden is another issue that faces the family of a child with autism. Usually children with autism encounter health problems that force professionals and parents to place them on a strict diet that can help manage their behavior and development. In addition,...

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