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Stress And Thriving Regarding An Article "Stress Related Growth And Thriving Through Coping: The Roles Of Personality And Cognitive Processes

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The articles I chose are "Stress-Related Growth and Thriving Through Coping: The Roles of Personality and Cognitive Processes" and "Embodying Psychological Thriving: Physical Thriving in Response to Stress". I chose the topic of stress-related growth and thriving because I find stress to be a part of my normal every day routine. I was interested to read how society views stress factors and find ways to overcome their stress into a positive outlook instead of thinking of stress as only a negative factor in people's lives. .The first article, "Stress-Related Growth and Thriving Through Coping: The Roles of Personality and Cognitive Processes", examines the psychological factors that play a part of people coping with stress. For a long time, the focus of stress on people focused almost exclusively on the negative outcomes from stressful encounters. In this article, growth is referring to a person's positive experiences they report after having experienced stressful experiences. Thriving refers to a higher level of functioning in some domain of a person's life following a stressful encounter. Accounts indicate people are thriving as a result of having to cope with stress, or report that through their coping experience they have grown as a result. Not all people report experiencing such growth, and even though a person reports experiencing a positive outcome does not mean they have not suffered. The challenge of this study is to determine why some people thrive or experience personal growth while other experience some growth or none at all. Characteristics of people themselves, such as personalities, beliefs, and behaviors are believed to be the strongest determinates of how individuals fare when faced with stressful experiences.The second article, "Embodying Psychological Thriving: Physical Thriving in Response to Stress", examines more the physical aspects of the body when people encounter stressful situations. Negative emotions, cognitive variables and stressors influence disease. You would expect under normal conditions of stress, people would have a physically weakened system. However, positive changes are possible. It is possible to improve physical health when coping effectively with stressors. After facing stress, a healthy responding system may become more resilient, whereas a weakened system may be unable to grow. Better health can result when the body has the resources to build, maintain and repair itself. Factors such as exercise, self-care and overall attitude are the main factors which...

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