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Stress Assesment Essay

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Stress comes in many forms. Allowing you to be evaluated also causes issues and stress. Stress is defined in the readings as "Stress is the physical, psychological, social, or spiritual effect of life's pressures and events. Stress is an interactive process that involves "recognition, perception. And adaptation to the loss or the threat of loss of homeostasis or wellbeing." (Edelman 2006). After completing the Rose Medical Center stress assessment, the following paper details how the writer scored and how well the writer is doing compared to those stressors. The overall purpose of this paper is to identify with the score and make recommendations based on that assessment. Identification of at least three causes of stress for the writer will be identified. Opportunities will be developed for the writer that could be changed regarding the situations and interventions to reduce the affect of the stressors. Different solutions that have been successful for the writer will also be introduced. Stress comes in different vehicles and can travel at many different speeds. It is important to understand the affects of stress, and how to deal with that stress effectively.Rose Medical Center AssessmentThe Rose Medical Center (RMC) Assessment of stress is a 25 question test that asks question regarding stressor or things that cause us stress. Based on your answers a score is given and depending on our score you are given a level of stress that you are probably feeling due to those issues. The writer of this paper scored a 50. There are six options based on your score and different levels of the stress related to your life based on you answers. A 50 falls in the lowest categories in the stress level. My outcome states I do a excellent job of controlling my stress. I aggress I have stress but I also believe I handle that stress appropriately.Causes of StressEven thought I scored relatively low on the stress test does not indicate that there is not stress in my personal a professional life. I run the Emergency Department in a local hospital which alone is enough stress for anyone. I have a high stress job within healthcare, and now managing that highly stressed staff. I have two children at driving age and a wife that enjoys attention. My personality is not type A but very close and I like things done correctly so all of these things combined can cause stress and some very serious problems. Dealing with those problems in the key to success that could end in failure...

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