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Stress At Work Place And How To Manage It

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Addressing the Issue of Stress in the WorkplaceOnce an organization establishes itself as a profit seeking company, its primary objective is clear: maximize profits and minimize costs. Therefore, among other responsibilities, the president of an organization's duty is to ensure that employees are productive and working to their full potential. Part of this duty requires assessing work conditions and being aware of how environmental factors can influence an employee's health and thus productivity. Frequent changes in the work environment can lead to high stress levels among staff because stressful work environments place high demands on the physical and mental energies of workers and thus negatively affect productivity (1). In order to manage the stress felt by employees, management must examine the concept of stress entirely. Potential stressors in the work environment must be identified, the role individual differences play in stress must be acknowledged and the symptoms of stress in employees must be observed so that a course of action designed to moderate stress levels among employees can be formulated. Solid introduction - a like the 'management' perspective which you are taking on this issue.Employee stress can be caused by any environmental conditions which place physical or mental demands on an individual (2). In order to manage stress levels in the workplace, it is necessary to identify potential stressors, both job related and work-nonwork related. Workplace stressors fall into several categories. Interpersonal stressors arise as a result of employee interaction and are most prevalent. These include sexual harassment and workplace violence. Role related stressors encompass role ambiguity, role conflict and work overload. Role ambiguity occurs when workers are uncertain of what is expected from them. Role conflict arises due to the competing demands they face at work. A doctor for instance, must be caring but also remain detached, and drawing the line between the two can be a source of conflict. The last role-related stressor, work overload, is brought on by increasing worked hours as well as workload intensity. Another category of stressors includes task control stressors. These occur when conditions limit an individual from controlling tasks or the pace of work. Sales, production and service jobs exhibit high stress levels because of their lack of work control (2). The final group of work stressors consists of organizational and environmental stressors. Factors such as high noise levels and poor safety standards raise stress levels among employees. Moreover, structural changes, downsizing and decisions which threaten job security also increase pressure on employees and thus cause more stress, tension and aggression (2). Solid overview of stressors in the workplace.It is not always possible for an employee to leave his or her stress at work. Stressors which affect work and nonwork are known as work-nonwork stressors. When a person has an...

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