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Stress In Teens: When Is It Too Much?

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Ashley is your typical young woman. She encompasses a big group of friends and gets pretty sensible grades. She appears to have herself together. No one realizes what she has to undergo to keep herself that way. She is making an attempt to balance school, work, and sports. She feels flooded perpetually because she feels she has no time. Eventually she breaks down. She stops making an attempt in class, equal her job, and gets launched the volleyball team. Giant amounts of stress on a young person will lead them down a destructive path. Sadly this problem happens on a daily basis. Some teenagers are excellent at managing their time whereas others simply cannot handle as much on their plate. There are many various causes of stress and even more ways in which it will have an effect on the person. Some causes of stress could include however are not restricted to: expectations from those who matter most, family issues, social issues, and leveling college, extracurricular activities, and work. The consequences of stress embody symptoms like psychological feature, emotional, physical and behavioral.

To begin with, high expectations from family, friends, and academics beside family issues are two of the most common causes of teenage stress. Let’s begin with the high expectations issue. Some parents might not understand that putting an excessive amount of pressure on a teen to be perfect will damage their self-esteem. It results in stress called “Hyperstress which occurs when an individual is pushed beyond what he or she can handle” (“Teen Stress-Types”). Parents need to avoid setting impractical expectations. For instance, straight A’s for several kids may not be easily attained, instead they should decide to try for A’s and B’s with nothing lower. Providing lots of encouragement and don’t overreact if they are not perfect. It is not solely parents who do this. Teachers can be blamed too, particularly throughout high school once there are five different classes and many assignments to be done. Friends also can cause hyperstress by putting a lot of peer pressure on another person. Similarly, issues within the family cause a lot of stress on a young person. According to an article regarding the top five causes of stress family is number one. “Though family is a very important part of our life it could also be a big source of our stress” (Malgaj). Families go through plenty together. There are good times and bad however many people don’t understand that the issues families face together can be biggest stressor. This can include a death, monetary issues, divorce or even an addiction among the family. Teenagers may try to act strong when around members of the family, but changes for the worse will be happening in alternative aspects of their lives.

In the same way, social issues and time management can heighten levels of stress in a teen. Fitting in isn't always the simplest thing to do and as a result social problems makes the cut of stressors in a teen’s...

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