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Stress can be motivating and invigorating, bring forth excellence for individual and a company. Stress is also a natural occurrence in everyday lives. Stress is a result in emotion change. Stress considered using as both positive and negative affects of the emotion and physical elements within an individual. When he or she think about stress in the workplace, they think of how stress can damage a company's resource. Research has shown that a health company is more apt in meeting their deadlines and projects.In many work situations, which have reported increased levels in overwork and stress, management must examine some the leading causes of stress in the workplace. "Such as new management techniques, long hours and bullying which need to be reduced in order to provide health work environments".(HSE) 1996. Stressed employees do not realize they are stress, but those who work around them can recognize stress easily.Employers have a duty to care for all employees' within their organization. This include there must be a reasonable work system that will not damage most people. When employees hear the word damage some of us will think of physical or mentally injured. For stress, employers are expected that employees whom take on jobs can handle them and can perform general duties of the job.Employers are entitled to expect their employees to handle pressure and master the work environment, in a reasonable and normal kind of workplace. "Employers must abide by legislation and various regulations in terms of working time and office equipment and space as well as health and safety legislation in order to protect employee's safety and well-being". ( the mental health report guide; employers estimated that 360 million working days were lost annually in the United Kingdom at a cost of 8 billion, and that half of these absences were stress-related. More recently, the pilot results of a national survey into stress at work, originally launched in 1997 by the University of Bristol. "On the behalf of the report it reveal that every day of the week 270,000 people is absent from work with a stress-related illness". (J. Earnshaw...

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Stress in the Workplace Essay

631 words - 3 pages Stress in the WorkplaceStress in the workplace can be detrimental to any business. Taking a few steps to prevent total breakdown of the workforce can minimize the effects of stress. John Duckers has some ideas on how managers can deal with workers stress. We will examine some steps to take to lessen the effects of stress has in the workplace.Workplace stress is an increasing concern for businesses and can manifest itself in a multitude of

Stress In The Workplace Essay

533 words - 2 pages one worker may create stress for another worker. (Lazarus, 1991) References Sauter, S., Hurrell, J. Jr., Cooper, C. (Eds.). (1989). Job control and worker health. New York: Wiley. ( Lazarus, R. (1991). Psychological stress in the workplace. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 6, 1-13. Wiersma, U., & Berg, P. (1991). Work-home role conflict, family climate, and domestic responsibilities among men and women. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 21, 1207-1217. Encyclopaedia of Occupational Safety and Health

Stress In The Workplace

1722 words - 7 pages Introduction In this essay it is my intention to show how stress appears in working environment, what causes it and how it affects the workplace. I will start by defining what stress is and how it might be perceived. Then I will take a look at the factors that cause stress and how these might show in result when working. I try to look at all the possible reasons for stress and through that hopefully to show how to avoid a stressful environment

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1161 words - 5 pages respondents answered either Coworkers or Outside Factors and nearly 22% said that Customers were another problem area. I would also like to point out that over 18% said that managers were to blame for stress on the job.According to the survey conducted -- Outside Factors were considered the number one cause on stress in the workplace. Although we would all like to keep work and work and home at home, some people are unable to do that. Problems

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1887 words - 8 pages In the workplace, stress can have some strong physical and mental effects on employees. To best understand stress, it is first important to define it. Stress is defined as “a feeling of tension that occurs when a person perceives that a given situation is about to exceed one’s ability to cope and consequently could endanger one’s well being” (Hitt, Miller & Colella, 2011). Stress on the job is usually the result of people feeling inadequate

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2186 words - 9 pages Table of ContentsI. IntroductionII. Defining StressIII. Types of StressIV. How to Handle StressV. Recognizing StressVI. The Military and StressVII. SummaryI. INTRODUCTIONSince the beginning of mankind there has always been some kind of stress affecting how people feel, act and cope with situations. In this paper we will look at the definition of stress and what causes people to have stress. Then we will see how different people handle stress and

Stress in the Workplace by Danaa Ross Original written 8/03, revised 2/04.

1279 words - 5 pages Assignment:I was asked to prepare a paper addressing how the increased use of technology has impacted workplace stress, using an internet article as a base for my reference. In addition, I was asked to discuss ethical issues inherent with such a topic.Stress in the WorkplaceDanaa RossManagement 331Cliff Madison Jr., MAOMFebruary 26, 2003Introduction to Workplace StressThe concept of technology increasing workplace stress is not new, however; it

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1516 words - 7 pages , & Gellatly, 1990) and physical health complaints (e.g. ‘I have had difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep’). This study provides an empirical evidence to support the association between emotions and behaviours. Job stress/Emotion/CWB model (Spector & Fox, 2002), on the other hand, posits that individuals respond to workplace events with a ‘thinking mode’, appraising the meaning with a rational mindset. In this view, the workplace events are

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2140 words - 9 pages Ethics in the workplace is also known as business ethics. According to Wikipedia, business ethic is defined as the branch of ethics that examines ethical rules and principles within a commercial context; the various moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business setting; and any special duties or obligations that apply to persons who are engaged in commerce. Based on this idea of business ethics, I personally think that ethics in

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1093 words - 4 pages diversity will enhance employee relationships and as a positive by-product the organization will flourish and continue to grow. Diversity is important to any organization and their employees. In an age where flexibility and originality are keys to competitiveness, diversity is critical tool used in fostering an organizations success.ReferencesEsty, K., Griffin, R., & Schorr-Hirsh, M. Workplace diversity: A manager's guide to solving problems and turning diversity into a competitive advantage.Koonce, R. (2001). Refining diversity: It's just not the right thing to do; it also makes good business since. Training and Development.

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1496 words - 6 pages in those two areas.Research Methods"Business a systematic inquiry that provides information to guide managerial decisions" (Cooper & Schindler, 2006, p. 4). Research within an organization is used in adherence to the process of exploring options for improvement and putting those opportunities to good cause. Saint Anthony Medical Center has various reporting and researching tools simultaneously tracking the actions versus

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Stress In The Workplace Essay

1450 words - 6 pages excessive stress. To make a detailed work for this research paper, I will use the internet, interviews, and personal experiences to gather information. Introduction Stress has been a very complex phenomenon that has been a wear and tear of everyday life. It is defined as the psychological response to the perception of demands and pressure from inside and outside the workplace. In addition, workplace stress is a harmful physical and

Stress In The Workplace Essay

1303 words - 5 pages responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker." Stress is present in all organizations and effects employees on every level of the corporate ladder. This paper will focus on the causes, effects and prevention of stress in the workplace.CausesMost recent studies show that the number one reason for stress in the workplace is a lack of organization. The inability to properly classify

Stress In The Workplace Essay

3264 words - 13 pages Research Paper - MLA FormatTopic: Stress and Well-Being at WorkPart 1: ResearchWho doesn't hate the feeling of stress? There is nothing that works me up more than when I feel like I have too many things to do, and not enough time to get them done. Stress is an unpleasant state of emotional arousal that people experience in situations that they perceive as threatening. Occupational stress in the American workplace is a growing and widespread

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3347 words - 13 pages IntroductionAll jobs are potentially stressful, though stressors vary broadly. Existing theory and research in the workplace undoubtedly helps with the successful management of people at work. The literature offers well-rounded information on work psychology and a manager, according to his needs, may choose from a variety of existing issues and apply the theories into practice. However, it should be emphasized that from the implementation of a