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Stress Induced Reactions At The Cellular Level

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Cells are constantly responding to changes in their environment. These types of environmental changes can result in gene expressions and their interactions. The response a cell takes can vary due to its characteristics. Eukaryotic cells respond differently than that of prokaryotic cells. Cells are constantly undergoing stress reactions. In this study we are going to be focusing on stress induced responses in Human cells. But to help analyze reactions found in human cells, studies on other organisms have been performed on species such as yeast and bacterial species. By looking at a wide array of cell responses, we will be able to better understand that of the human body.
Cells have evolved and built up different tactics in order to respond to stressors that are present in the environment. It has been essential for the survival of cells in order to induce ways of responding to these environmental stressors. With only a limited amount of molecular components to work with, cells have devised ways in order to interact proteins to cope with them. There have been many studies conducted on how these molecules interact in different species of yeast. In yeast they have discovered hundreds of different genes that are responsible for responses to environmental stressors. These different genes are induced or expressed depending on what is present in the extracellular environment. Some of these are responsible for modifications in pre-translational processes, and other modifications are taken place in post-translational processes. It is still not known to what extent these genes have on these cellular processes, but further studies are currently being performed to better understand these procedures.
The function of the human cell is dependant on the coordination of its responses in the environment that surrounds it. There are always environmental stressors that are acting upon it, and depending on how the cell handles these stresses, and responds to them will reflect on the overall health of the particular cell. The Human cell can react in many different ways depending on the stressor. These reactions include changes in its genes interactions and even changes in the overall expression of the gene. If a cell does not respond correctly to a stressor, this can result in disease in the cell.
During the various states of a cell, genes vary differently on how they interact with other genes. Researchers have been able to recognize what genes in the human genome are responsible for specific stress responses, but responses in interacting genes due to stress are still not fully understood. It is still not even well known to what degree that genes even interact with each other with specific stimuli.
In conducting studies and monitory how cells are affected by stress, it is important to know what type of stress cells can have. In an experiment performed by Renuka Nayak and his colleagues, they looked further into this concept. They focused on...

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