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Stress Intervention Essay

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The word "STRESS" is never new to us as it inevitably comes into every walks of our life. We feel tension and anxiety when we are experiencing difficulties in dealing with family issues, workloads, relationships, studies and etc.Some people may feel little or no stress whereas others feel hard to handle on a similar matter as individual adaptation and experiences are different. When stress results in good consequences which provides us with motivation to meet our daily challenges, produces personal growth, we call it eustress. Whereas, stress which causes detrimental effect on our body, we call it distress (Ivancevich, 2001:544). However, we should not allow stress to build up because it can produce tensions which are serious enough to interfere with our normal daily activities. Recent studies have also shown that too much stress will impact greatly on our overall health. This would eventually affect individual performance.Canada's National Occupational Health & Safety Resource (2000) defined Job stress as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker.There are different signs and symptoms that can indicate a person is having difficulty in coping with the level of stress. People who are at stress may experience physical impact such as headaches, insomnia, chest pain, indigestion, and frequent illnesses and there are also signs of behavioural differences such as absenteeism, reckless driving, use of excessive drugs, procrastination, withdrawal / isolations from others. Psychologically, some people might also have problems such as irritability, depression, frustration, hypersensitivity, lack of concentration and apathy.Connor & Worley (1991) state that change in work responsibilities, processes or products; in the equipment or technology used; or even as a result of being relocated within the same organization will inevitably impact on employees with certain level of stress. This job stress results from the interaction of the worker and the conditions of work. It is a conflict between job demands on the employees and the amount of control an employee has over meeting these demands. Air traffic controllers, nurses, doctors, teachers and bus drivers are just some examples of many stressful occupations. In general, workplace stress exists when there is a high demand in a job and little amount of control over the situation. It impacts on both employers and employees.Connor & Worley (1991) also state that employees often experience different type of role conflicts (role related stressors) in organization. Most of us experience some inter-role conflict because our work time or behaviour conflicts with non-work role expectations. At times inter-role conflict occurs when individual receives contradictory messages from different people. For example, boss wants us as a team leader to take greater control over the team's decisions, whereas...

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