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Stress Is Life Threatening Essay

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Stress is life threatening, on the other hand sometimes stress motivate us to do something, otherwise we become lazy. In fact there is no life without stress; everyone has experienced stress in their life one way or another. Stress is an ordinary corporal reaction to events that make us feel defenseless or distressed our balance in different way. Stress can cause many disorders in the body especially, brain hem ridge, paralysis, sleeping problem, muscles problem, head ache, and heart attack. It is also one of the big cause of death especially suicide.
There are different approaches to manage stress. The most common approach to manage stress is reading a novel; get to gather with family ...view middle of the document...

Similarly if someone needs help, just helping him/her gives us relaxation. Stress management is all about how you think, feel, your emotions, your schedule, your environment, and how you try to solve the issue. For example, some people control the stress so wisely that it does not remain stress. The best way to do this is just think positive under all circumstances. According to Tartakovsky, The “Stress management involves changing the stressful when you can, changing your reaction when you can’t, taking care of yourself, and making time for rest and relaxation (2).”
Try to avoid unnecessary stress as much as you can, or simply change the situation with changing your thoughts. If you are not able to change the situation, then the only way is to accept the things as it. For example, I had an accident last week; I was so stressful because I smash my car into her (Cali) car. When I told my friend, he tell me, do not stress out, you should think, it was only a property damage, and no one injured and finally, that’s why we have insurance. This makes me feel relax.
Strengthening your physical health is another way to manage the stress better. It is very important to set aside some time for relaxation like yoga and deep breathing are very helpful to reduce stress. Similarly, healthy eating habit and daily exercise like physical activity or playing some kind for physical game also play a key role to manage the stress. Sometime people get stress out because they cannot get proper sleep. It is recommended that 6 to 8 hours sleep is necessary to keep you cool and for good health.
There are different kinds of stress, so one kind to manage the stress will not work out to reduce stress. We have to use different approaches to manage stress under different situations. For example, if you have to reach somewhere and you stuck in traffic, deep breathing might be helpful, but if you are in examination hall and you do not know...

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