Stress Less: Weathering The Workplace Storm A Presentation On Stress In The Workplace

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Stress- It's said to be America's #1 Health Problem. We see game shows, reality shows, sitcoms, and video games that are primarily based on putting people in stressful situations. Slowly but surely stress becomes a ritual for human begins. We begin to adapt and notice less and less what type of damage is being done to ourselves. The problem then becomes; what causes the stress in our us, how does it affect our lives, and how do we handle it?The information presented today is intended to explore stress further in detail and suggest coping skills needed in the modern workplace.Research for this presentation was gathered from books written by respected researchers in the field. Also to better understand the stressors that effect local people here in Michigan, a survey was distributed here at Macomb Community College and also on the internet. Time restraints and a sample group of only 40 respondents to the survey keep the information basic, but essential.So then, what is stress exactly? A general definition would be - an unpleasant state that happens when we feel strained to meet the demands placed upon us. So JOB STRESS would mean it's the destructive responses that happen when the requirements of your job duties do not match your capabilities or needs as a worker. In a survey conducted by James Humphrey, who is a notable author in the area of stress, there are four common words that people use to describe job stress1. Pressure , 2.Tension, 3.Frustration, and 4.Strain. Although there is said to be positive stress, from the results it would seem that most people relate stress to something negative. We all react and respond differently to given situations, we are all unique, that's why it's important to understand some basic information on how we process our demands.Hans Selye was the man who actually coined the term stress. And did extensive research on humans' response to stressors. His theory on the psychological effects of tension is called the General Adaptation Syndrome (gas for short). There are three stages to G. A. S., the first being the Alarm reaction. This is when you have a reaction to the stressor, also known as the "fight or flight" stage. If the strain is prolonged you enter the Stage of Resistance or Stage of Adaptation. Your body will actually begin to become accustomed to the stress and it will become routine. Your body is actually resisting the stress by using the immune system which causes it to become weak and you are more vulnerable to disease. The third level is Exhaustion. This phase is extremely detrimental to your health and well being; it's when the body cannot maintain such a high level of stress. Parts of our body literally begin to break down and this is when serious disease and even death can occur. Please be aware that identifying potential stressors in your life is the first step to coping with stress.Next I would like to discuss the survey resultsThe survey that was conducted proved three major factors that effect...

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