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Stress Management Essay

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Stress, we all struggle with it. We know it can shorten our lives, age us too early, make us miserable and unhealthy- yet we cannot seem to getaway it. I would like to begin my paper with a little description of myself. After spending years of training for a career in accounting, I truly had no idea about science. Even though I have been trying to live healthy by eating the right food and doing regular exercise, I had no idea how much damage stress has been causing me both physically and mentally. I find this class to be one of the biggest wake up calls in my life. After taking this class, I realized that I tend to have excessive ACG and BC activity problems; I experience physical stress symptoms all the time, I worry too much about the future, I get stuck on negative thoughts, and I have a intense dislike for change. Here is a short report of what my typical day looked like before I started the stress management technique for this class.

Stress is something that I believed was a normal part of life. Although I did not intentionally choose to be stressed, I was unaware that I had a choice in how I react to situations. However, by taking this class I was not only able to become conscious of this process, but also how to change my lifestyle. I used to think that I was a happy person, I truly did not realize what real happiness was until I practiced stress management for this class. The stress management technique that I used for my assignment was breathing and relaxation. I started my first breathing exercises with complete breath where I imagine a bottle lying internally beneath the point at my hands are resting. I imagined that the air was entering through my nose and descending to fill the internal bottle, and slowly began to exhale to empty the bottle. When I first started I only could repeat this for a few times, as my mind kept forgetting what I was supposed to do. I had a hard time focusing my mind on this exercise; it seemed unfeasible at the time, so I decided to try breath counting which was a little easier for me to focus on. I barely made it for ten minutes on my first day. I focus gradually improved, but not to the point where I could actually see a difference.
I continued doing breath counting for a few days until one night my Mom called to say that my Dad was in the intensive care and was going to have an emergency bypass surgery in an hour. My Dad and I have a very close relationship and I have never met anybody who loves me more than he does. I could not possibly imagine him going through a bypass. As soon as I heard the news, I felt my body was preparing me for the fight or flight state. My hands became cold and sweaty (to shunt blood to the large muscles, and sweat to cool of my body) and my breathing became fast and shallow to increase oxygen to my body. Relaxing my body was very important at the time, so I tried to relax throughout the day, but every time I sat and tried to take a few deep breaths, I waged an internal...

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